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Where to Visit in China & Explore Remarkable Destinations

Where to Visit in China & Explore Remarkable Destinations


There are many ordinary countries in this world. They often do not have anything special so they do not create a significant interest in the tourist’s minds. However, some countries are quite opposite when it comes to that matter, and they have a lot to offer. Unfortunately, it is not easy to find many such destinations, but China definitely belongs to the group of extraordinary locations. For China travel visa information, go visit Visa Express.

It is because you can see and explore various interesting things there. The Chinese culture is quite different from the one developed in the West so it is certainly a great swap for all the newcomers and visitors. The architecture of the building is also pretty different, and it is especially true for the objects developed in the distant past. Some modern cities such as Hong Kong, for example, are pretty similar to New York and other innovative cities.

Forbidden City and Imperial Palace

However, The Forbidden City and Imperial Palace is definitely something totally different from the places you can find in Europe or Western America. The town was built in the distant past hundreds of years ago, and the traditional Chinese architecture is what makes this place stand out. That’s why it is one of the top tourist destinations in the country, and thousands of visitors come to the place during regular circumstances on a daily basis. But it is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to tourist offers in China. That’s because there are many interesting places you must visit while exploring the country.

Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is also an unavoidable part of the tour offer so generally all tourists want to see that structure. It is the largest object ever made by human beings, and it is actually 21,194 kilometers long. There is nothing similar anywhere in the world, and the Chinese Great Wall is even visible from space, thanks to the enormous size.

The structure is still in excellent condition because of the massive way of building. That’s why visitors are walking on the top of the wall, and it would be even virtually possible to go from the beginning to the end. It would, however, take weeks if not months, but some enthusiasts managed to achieve such a success.

No matter if you want to take long rides or just to step on the surface, visiting the Great Wall of China will definitely leave a remarkable impression you will never forget. That’s the best reason why you should not miss the opportunity if you are in the country.

Terracotta Army

The Terracotta Army is also something many tourists want to see. The interest is definitely justified because it is probably the only place with thousands of soldier figures built immediately after the death of the First Emperor. The figures are the size of real soldiers. They are equipped with different types of weaponry, and their purpose is to follow and defend the emperor in another world where he went after his death.

Except for the man-made structures and objects, tourists also like to see those developed by nature, and it has been truly generous when it comes to China.

Li River

That’s why the visitors like to visit the Li River. It is quite a popular destination, and it provides various opportunities. There are thousands of small boats that offer to cruise on the river, and it is definitely a remarkable experience. The prices are very affordable so you do not have to have a high budget in order to provide such a service to yourself and your family. It is pretty the same as with the prices of everything else in China so that’s indeed a useful thing to know.

Chengdu Research Base

Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda is one more popular tourist destination in the country. It is because you can see and observe many pandas while they are at the same place together. Animal lovers will hardly forget such an experience and pandas are quite unique animals you can hardly find in Western countries. That’s why the citizens of those locations love to come here and enjoy the sight.

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