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What to Look for in Vacation Accommodations

What to Look for in Vacation Accommodations


What separates a memorable vacation from a travel disaster you can only hope to forget? Well, a lot of things, but one choice that makes an especially big difference is where you decide to lay your head. We recommend you keep the following things in mind when looking at vacation accommodations.

#1 Amenities

Pretty much all vacation lodgings will provide the same basic essentials: four walls, a bed, and a bathroom. What sets the best hotels apart from the lesser ones, then, are which unique amenities they bring to the table. Even better than hotels, though, vacation rentals through BnB communities like Vrbo make it simple to find exactly what you’re looking for.

After all, hotels have to try and accommodate the widest group of people possible, but BnB renters can zero in on the specific needs of niche vacationers. As a result, it’s not hard to find an affordable Vrbo house with an indoor pool, or with a full functioning kitchen, or with a private gym, or whatever other amenities are among your highest priorities.

#2 Cost

Speaking of affordability, that’s another factor vacationers should take into account when weighing their lodging options. Finding a luxury hotel with all the amenities you’re looking for is easy, it’s finding one that doesn’t charge an arm and a leg that’s difficult. No one wants to blow their entire vacation budget on lodging, but skimping doesn’t work either. Instead, try to find a good balance between cost and quality.

Once again, vacation rentals often dwarf their competitors in this regard as well. For the per-night price of an average hotel room, or even less, vacationers can have an entire house or apartment all to themselves, along with all the benefits that entails. No noisy neighbors. No overpriced room service. No interruptions for housekeeping staff. And a lot more extra cash to spend on the fun stuff.

#3 Proximity

So you think you’ve found the perfect accommodations. You’ve found a hotel that has it all, every amenity you need at an inexpensive price point to boot. That’s great, but maybe you should double-check the address. Because if it turns out your hotel is far away from the places you plan to visit, you may end up wasting time and money just getting yourself where you want to.

In many vacation destinations, hotels will either be in one of two areas. Either they’re all clumped together in the most high-volume hotspots, driving up price and forcing you to navigate huge crowds of fellow tourists. Or they’re way out in the middle of nowhere, forcing you to take a second mini-vacation just to get to the nearest attraction. Conversely, rental properties can be anywhere and are usually dotted all around the map, allowing you to pick and choose a location that best fits your itinerary.

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