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Hidden Gems of South Carolina You Need To Visit

Hidden Gems of South Carolina You Need To Visit


South Carolina is not the biggest State, but that is not to take away from all the beautiful things and places it offers. It is the perfect destination to take a vacation on the beaches, golf courses, boutiques, restaurants, rivers, and so many others with its beautiful outdoors. This beautiful State, uninhibited by its size, has so many popular destinations and others only the locals or the most dedicated wander lusters have explored. The following are some of the hidden gems you have to visit to quench your thirst for adventure.

Kiawah Island

South Carolina has gems hidden right in front of the eyes. But the thing is, they are not far from reach. Being a sea island means that you’ll have fun with almost any of the well-known water activities. You’ll also have an experience with the locals who are known to be welcoming and not to forget the fact that you’ll have to sample some of the best seafood cuisines. Being a private beach means that you’ll be safe and secure, not having to worry about your security. 

If you are just about to plan a vacation to Kiawah Island, then you are in the right spot. There are so many things to see and do on this beautiful island. A Kiawah Island luxury vacation will provide you with more than what you had bargained for. You’ll have guides to direct you to the best places in town, nature walks, bike rides, and all the island fun that you might need in your vacation. Whether you have kids, traveling with a spouse, or alone, you’ll have the best accommodation spots that you can book before or after you arrive at this beautiful island. Among the activities you can participate in while in Kiawah island includes:

  • Playing a round of golf with friends
  • Shopping in the Friendfield Village shopping center
  • Going out for drinks in the outskirts of the island while viewing the roar of the majestic waters
  • Enjoy wildlife at some of the selected parks on the island

Bear Island

Any athletic adventurers are bound to be blown away by this majestic island. Accessible by private boat or ferry, this island offers a beauty that only a few have discovered. If you are not one to enjoy crowds of people, this place will deliver its best. Introverts will love it most for the few visitors who come here, making it suitable for camping. If you enjoy taking walks, jogging, or running, the landscape offers just the perfect environment for that. The ferries to the island are easy to access, especially in the summer, but you are out of luck as the ferries are inaccessible if you enjoy the cold of winter. 

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

This place is perfect for camping and for having those relaxing vacations you have been postponing. This island is quite majestic, and if you visit once, you will be left hoping to return. Add this location to your bucket list and leave your friends asking where you went for summer.

Congaree National Park (Columbia)

Many may wonder how a national park becomes a hidden gem, but this location qualifies for the saying hidden in the open. Classified as the least visited national park, Congaree is not shy to show its glory to the adventurous. With spiders the size of donuts and turtles the size of an infant, these are only a representation of what it has to offer. The trees are out of this world concerning the size. Hiding in those blackwater swamps, these trees have been named champion trees due to their enormous size. Moreover, their number is not just a couple but dozens, making the whole place a spectacle. If you like visiting places that transport you, this park will leave you mesmerized, and looking for more.


This mountain city, formally inhabited by the Germans, has a lot to offer. Walhalla’s name, meaning “Garden of the Gods,” is only a suitable name and an allusion to what this place has to offer. It is home to a few hidden gems, among which the Stumphouse tunnel gets a place.

The Stumphouse tunnel only occurred as a stupid accident when the road makers thought it brilliant to dig through a mountain to divert a railway line. The planners in the 1800s had no idea that this master plan was worth a fortune. After an expenditure of over a million dollars, the government saw it fit to stop the construction, leaving the tunnel almost abandoned for a couple of years. The present part of it has been reclaimed for cheese farming thanks to its stable temperature and reclaimed as a national park. If you are one with an eye for beauty, Walhalla will not disappoint. 

Yemassee Old Sheldon Church Ruins

Constructed in the 1700s, Prince Williams Parish Church has had disaster strikes twice. Soon after its building, the British destroyed this church, which fought in the revolutionary wall. Owing to this incident, the church remained abandoned until the 1800s, when people saw it fit to rebuild and as if cursed misery did not stop there. The church was later destroyed during the South Carolina March and has not been rebuilt since then. Presently it stands beautifully decorated by oaks, which have grown for years, as well as graves. If a little history enthuses you, this is a perfect destination for you. This location will have you posing for pictures like a model.

Lavender fields

If you feel like the likes on your posts have been dwindling, this place is perfect for that Instagram-perfect post. South Carolina is host to the Twin Creeks Lavender Fields, La Bastide des Lavandes and Southern Hill Lavender Farms. Even though these farms with over 5000 lavender species are not open to the public, they offer an exception with their private tours and workshops. Incorporate this beautiful location on your next visit to South Carolina, and enjoy the beautiful shots you will have.

South Carolina has far more hidden gems, and these are only but a few. Sweet talk the locals and live to savor all the beauty of this State. Do not forget to enjoy the island’s cuisines as they are to die for.

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  1. jon kelsen
    June 22, 2021 at 3:21 am

    Thank you for sharing; I find this location to be enthralling.


    • Carmen Edelson
      June 22, 2021 at 7:14 pm

      It’s a beautiful state!

  2. Monica Singh
    June 29, 2021 at 3:15 am

    Some really exotic places to visit in South Carolina. Thanks for sharing these gems which are unknown to many. Great share!

    • Carmen Edelson
      June 29, 2021 at 4:48 pm

      I appreciate your lovely comment, Monica 🙂

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