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How to Make Your Travel Photos Stand Out on Social Media

How to Make Your Travel Photos Stand Out on Social Media


What is the best way to convince someone to go for a trip than to take them using beautiful photos and videos? Storytelling using photos offers itself to apprehending allure, first-hand experience, and emotion of going to areas far and near. This is what makes a lot of travel content ideal, yet better. After all, travel is a word-of-mouth activity that one would want to have the greatest tips from an individual that has been there. Whether creating a travel blog for fun or making it your business, taking quality snaps can take your content to the next level. Here are five tips that will ensure your photos pop on social media. 

Use Multiple Filters 

Every person using Instagram Stories understands that once a picture has been taken, it is possible to apply different filters to enhance the photo’s image, speed, temperature, and location. However, a few know that multiple filters can be layered for a perfect Insta story or image. Once you have taken your beautiful snap, swipe to identify the filter that complements the photo. After identifying the first filter, hold the screen and swipe to the left to view other filters. With diverse preferences, you can always layer up to 3 filters to create an attractive color combo that would attract traffic to your blog. 

Remember to Use Photo Editing Apps 

When it comes to travel photo editing, background remover applications are considered the best. These apps have unique fonts, background removal tools, stickers, and text features that can help enhance magical images. Commonly used background remover app like Adobe Photoshop Express has lots of filters and options to create highly skilled photo editing. With lens flares, crop shapes, adding text, and blemish removal features, these tools can edit your travel blog snaps and make them admirable to your readers. 

Use Geo-filters to Enhance Content 

Geo-filters have often been used to market events or a location because of the advanced quality of object features. To make your photos more attractive, it is essential to use Instagram Story geo-filters, where you can create and lay out your filters to cover the specific features you need in a photo. Different cities have different geo-filters, same as neighborhoods and target spaces. You can have filters for specific parties and events for a particular time period and cost. 

Diversify your Instagram Content

Often than not, going about daily routines become disinteresting over time. Similarly, repetitive content on a blog could be boring for readers and viewers. For this reason, it is necessary to diversify your Insta content to enhance engagement and reader interest. With variable photo themes and stories, you will be able to attract a lot of traffic to your page. Several types of content are to maximize, including “how to,” “takeovers,” interviews, quotes, and many more. 

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