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Must-Visit Pet-Friendly Destinations in the U.S.

Must-Visit Pet-Friendly Destinations in the U.S.


For many people in the U.S., a vacation just isn’t the same without the presence of a pet. Statistics show that every year, over two million pets and animals are transported by air within the U.S. The U.S. Travel Association Reports that around 37% of pet owners take their animals (especially dogs) with them on their trips – compared to just 19% one decade ago. If you will be traveling within the states this year, perhaps consider going on a road trip or on a nature escapade – one in which your dog will enjoy as much as you will! You shouldn’t also forget to get your pet health insurance before taking any trip. Issues don’t choose time and place, and pet insurance can grant you a delightful vacation with no stress.

The following is a small selection of top-notch destinations that may be just what you and your pets need…

Running Through the Bluegrass in Kentucky

Kentucky is home to a plethora of beautiful natural areas in which to hike and enjoy ‘forest baths’ with your pooch. From the Daniel Boone National Forest right through to the immense Red River Gorge, there are many walkways, rest spots, and gorgeous accommodations that will make for an Instagram-perfect holiday. Kentucky is home to a host of stunning tree houses in which you and your dog can really live in the midst of nature. Also, a few beautiful homes to check out include The Lions Lair in Stanton (featuring a dreamlike stargazing deck), Aliya Offgrid Treehouse in Germantown (with a playground and slide that children and pets alike will enjoy), or the Observatory Treehouse in Stanton (nestled in the Red River Gorge area).

Sun, Sand and F1 in Miami

Miami offers the perfect balance between R ‘n R and the party lifestyle, but it also has many beautiful beaches on which to enjoy a swim or walk along the shore with your dog. Miami is home to many dog-friendly beaches – including Haulover Beach Park, Hobie Island Beach Park, and Lummus, South Pointe, and Bark Beach. Some beaches (for instance, Haulover Beach) limit off-leash time to a set schedule – 8am to 3pm in this case – and many also have enclosed off-leash dog parks for both large and small dogs. If you will be visiting Miami in 2022, one event you will want to catch is the Formula 1 world tour, with plans for the Miami GP to take place in the month of June. It will be a huge event, with each F1 team shipping around 50 tonnes of cargo per year, and up to seven Boeing 7474 cargo planes being used for the event. I’d recommend staying at a luxury pet-friendly resort like 1 Hotel South Beach, The Betsy South Beach, or Fontainebleau, but inquire first to ensure the resort is far enough away that the noise of the F1 cars won’t bother your pet!

Visiting Dog Parks in Portland, Oregon

Portland is home to over 33 dog parks, which is more per capita than any other big city in the U.S., and it is ideal for pet owners who like to bond with their pooches in the midst of majestic natural settings. When you’re not feeling the cool spray of a waterfall, walking through greenery, or playing catch in the grass, pay a visit to the Lucky Labrador Brewing Company, where you can fuel up while knowing that your pet is just as welcome as you are. Kimpton River Palace Hotel and The Duniway Portland, a Hilton Hotel, are two venues where your dog will be very welcomed and pampered.

Active Sightseeing in San Francisco

If you are the type of traveler who loves visiting a city’s best restaurants and gyms, then San Francisco offers the perfect blend of relaxation and action. Dogs are allowed in several restaurants, and even a few gyms if they sit quietly while you perform your workout. To engage your dog in a bit of activity, head straight to the Golden Gate NRA – a unique park that allows off-leash dogs to roam. Other off-leash oases include Baker Beach north of Lobos Cree, Lands End, Fort Funston (except where the trail is closed), and Ocean Beach (except the Piping Plover Protection area). There are many dog-friendly bars (try Holly Water or The Homestead), as well as restaurants like Cafe Flor, the Firehouse Pizzeria, or Absinthe. For luxury accommodations accepting dogs, opt for the Hotel Fairmont Heritage Place on Ghirardelli Square, or Cavallo Point Lounge.

Just about every city and rural area in the state has areas you can enjoy with your pets; to discover them it pays to research your bucket list vacation spots to learn about everything from pet-friendly accommodations to restaurants. Just a few places visited by pet owners include San Francisco, Portland, Miami, and Kentucky. All these places offer a blend of natural and cultural attractions that make a visit more than worthwhile for the whole family – pets included.

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Carmen Edelson is the Founder of Carmen's Luxury Travel. Carmen has been traveling the world for over a decade. Her travels allow her the opportunity to pursue her itch to travel to the best luxury destinations, and experience those first class tastes from around the world.


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