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Celebrating The W Fort Lauderdale Hotel Unveiling

Celebrating The W Fort Lauderdale Hotel Unveiling

This past week, the W Fort Lauderdale unveiled its newly redesigned property at a cocktail reception with mermaids, musical performances, and a fashion show! All of the rooms and many of the public spaces within the hotel were renovated as a result of the hotel’s $55 million dollar update. With different DJ’s in every corner, baristas serving drinks in the hotel elevators, and painted models blending into the rooms, the entire evening served as a jubilant toast to the hotel’s success.

The unveiling started with margaritas and models in the lobby. The models were dressed to reflect the nautical theme of the evening: ocean-inspired makeup, body paint, and capes that rippled like waves.

On the fifth floor, the pool deck was decorated with multicolored lights to accentuate the patterned floors while a mermaid posed for pictures and waved at guests from the water. A DJ played music next to the open bar as guests trickled in and settled themselves on the all-new outdoor seating areas.

After drinks and a mix of delicious Japanese and Mexican hors d’oeuvres were served, we were treated to a live concert! Breakout merengue and salsa singer-songwriter Sabrina Claudio and her band performed on the stage in front of the pool.

Once their incredible performance was over, guests returned indoors for more drinks accompanied by a different DJ and a display of innovative and contemporary art pieces.

Everyone gathered by a set of stairs for a fashion show showcasing designer Susanne Bartsch’s work by models in drag. She unveiled her pop-up fashion display of curated looks sprawled throughout the hotel for guests to enjoy.

Each model posed on the stairs before stepping down to the main floor and joining the crowd. The last model was Susanne Bartsch herself, dressed in her own couture. After descending the stairs, she and her models mingled with guests and happily posed for pictures.

Several of the newly refurbished rooms were open for guests to see and explore. To get there, we went through a hallway with a waterfall running down its walls that led to yet another DJ. After being served drinks in the elevator, we visited the rooms where models posed who were painted to blend in with the décor and a mermaid lounged in a bathtub. These were such fun and creative surprises!

The new design of the guest rooms and suites is completely contemporary with different shades of blue and grey with metallic accents. We admired the nighttime view of Fort Lauderdale from the balcony before calling it a night – and what a memorable night it was!

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  1. This looks like so much fun!! My dad worked for Marriott for years and I always loved attending grand openings. This one is definitely a bit more over the top than the ones I’ve attended in the past, but I was also much younger (under 21) so I’m sure I wouldn’t have been invited to ones like this haha

    • Carmen Edelson

      How fun for you! Marriott is also a great brand.

  2. This sounds like it was an amazing hotel unveiling. I really loved how vibrant it seemed through the photos. I bet the mermaid model had tons of fun playing a mermaid in a tub. I wish that I could go to a festive hotel opening like that!

    • Carmen Edelson

      I know, they really went all out! I was so impressed.

  3. Wow! This is so artistic and unique! Love it.

    • Carmen Edelson

      I think so too 🙂

  4. I love how they camouflaged models into the rooms. This event seemed like a success. The mermaid in the pool was so beautiful.

    • Carmen Edelson

      Yes, she was! I liked the one in the room too 🙂

  5. Elizabeth O

    This looks like such a fun opening. The mermaids look so real and the hotel looks so stylish and up market!

    • Carmen Edelson

      It was so fun, and very upscale.

  6. Joscelyn

    Wow, what a beautiful hotel! Looks like such a fun event!

    • Carmen Edelson

      We enjoyed every minute of it 🙂

  7. adriana

    This place looks SO amazing! What a fun opening they had!

    • Carmen Edelson

      They really pulled out all the stops for this unveiling!

  8. This looks like such a fun time! I went to a party with a mermaid like that and it was SO entertaining to watch!! 🙂

    • Carmen Edelson

      It was very entertaining and my first time to encounter a mermaid 😉

  9. Donyell

    I love how they dressed the models. Very artistic way to showcase the rooms!!
    xx, Donnie

    • Carmen Edelson

      Yes, I think so too!

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