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4 Puerto Vallarta Villa Rentals with Private Beach Access Included

4 Puerto Vallarta Villa Rentals with Private Beach Access Included


They all look so beautiful! So, where do you go on your next vacation? You have three options Puerto Vallarta, Cabo, and Cancun. Which should you choose? When making this tough decision, think of two essential factors. First, Puerto Vallarta is more affordable for accommodations, dining, and activities. Secondly, Puerto Vallarta gives you a sense of what the real Mexico is about. That’s not to say that Cancun and Cabo aren’t beautiful. They are, But they are also more touristy and more conventional. The great thing about Puerto Vallarta is that you experience much of the real Mexico at genuinely affordable prices.  

Where Do You Stay? 

The best place to stay is in a private villa in Puerto Vallarta. The vacation villas here are just as lovely as in Cabo and Cancun, but they are also slightly less expensive than the other destinations. However, before deciding where to stay, let’s examine what makes Puerto Vallarta so intriguing.

The Mid-Pacific Coast

Puerto Vallarta is located on the Pacific Coast, and this place is spectacular at these coordinates. The city sits on the largest bay in Mexico that runs about 60 km long and is known for its stunning beaches, each with its unique features. Some have whiter sand, others are more swimmable, some have clear blue-green water, and others have gorgeous rock formations. See, every one of them is different. The locals and tourists alike take advantage of these coastal features. Everyone here loves the natural environment, the beautiful beaches, the water sports, shopping, and the high-energy nightlife.  

When it comes to water sports, Puerto Vallarta has it all: 

  • Surfing
  • Kitesurfing
  • Snorkeling
  • Scuba diving
  • Sailing
  • Fishing 
  • Paddleboarding 
  • Kayaking

Then, of course, if you are just into relaxing, there are plenty of lounge chairs, shady terraces, and giant umbrellas where you can lie down, enjoy a fresh margarita, and while away the hours. 

The Best Part of a Puerto Vallarta Vacation

The best part is you can enjoy it all from your spectacular villa, your home away from home. Vacation homes along the coast in Conchas Chinas, South Shore, Mismaloya, and Las Animas boast the most beautiful beaches in the bay. At these homes, the water is crystal clear, the beaches are pristine, and you have the whole beach to yourself. The houses in the south are also well located, so you can easily access any village, restaurant, or activity you want for your day trips. Drives into town are usually about a 10 to 30-minute trip, and you’ll find lots of things to do once you arrive downtown, at the marina, or even in Nuevo Vallarta.  

The Luxury Villa Accommodation Option

Want to know what a luxury villa feels like and whether it is the right place for you? Below are three excellent villa rental options located in different parts of the city. 

Villa Peregrina:

It is one of the best values you will ever find when it comes to Puerto Vallarta villa rentals. This home can accommodate up to 20 people. It sits in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods of South Shore Puerto Vallarta, a neighborhood with the lowest construction density. So the community has gorgeous gardens, grassy areas, and palm trees stand tall surrounding the infinity pool, offering majestic shade over garden lounge areas. 

The oceanfront terrace is the most significant selling point here. You can relax on one of the many lounge chairs, sit next to the gorgeous pool and look out over the ocean. Here on South Shore, the sea is a beautiful azure blue, almost like the Mexican Caribbean. It is a wonder to look at. Of course, if a drink or a fantastic cocktail is in order, visit the bar and ask your home bartender what you are looking for. When hunger strikes, you can light up the grill or head inside to see what the chef has left for you. 

Want to burn off some calories? Head over to the fitness area and use the elliptical or the treadmill. Wake up the next day and head out for a beautiful morning beach walk or look out for the morning beach yoga class. They are always fun to join. When you return to the house, don’t worry about your bed, the housekeeping staff is there to clean the home for you. Other amenities include free WiFi, air conditioning, and water purification. 

Villa Mandarinas:

If you’re looking for a tropical Mexican experience, right out of the Disney Film Maribel or Coco, a luxury villa rental is a place to stay. Mandarinas is the perfect place to smell the flowering Jacaranda trees or walk out from the lovely high-ceiling bedroom suite onto your jungle terrace and look over the small bay of Mismaloya. 

Mismaloya is a small fishing village favored by tourists for the lovely colored ocean, and the soft lapping waves make it a perfect swimming enclave. Visitors love to lounge out on the terraces by the infinity pool and watch the deep reds and oranges of the beautiful sunset as it slips under the horizon of the deep azure of the water. Mismaloya is also the perfect destination to jump on the boat tours, snorkeling at Los Arcos, or explore all the small coves along the coast. It is the small village from which the water taxis, the yachts, and the more extensive tours leave to explore beaches like las Animas, Madagascar, El Caballo, and others. 

Casa Playa Sola:

Casa Playa Sola on Animas beach is ideal for a large family gathering. Here it’s just you, the house staff, the sand, and the ocean. The home also has a private sports complex with lighted tennis courts, a basketball court, a sand volleyball court, and a total gym. Imagine a large family having a beautiful time on the beach, by the large infinity pool, or enjoying some time out on the courts. Here it’s all about bonding. And when you want to relax, sit out on one of the verandas, enjoy a good book and watch the boats go by. 

Water sports also abound in this area. So if you want to go snorkeling at Los Arcos or head into Puerto Vallarta, catch a water taxi, and he’ll take you to the boardwalk in downtown Puerto Vallarta. 

Casa Papelillos Paredon:

This home is close to Puerto Vallarta and sits on one of the prettiest beaches in the area. However, the beach is secluded, so you often have it to yourself when renting this five-bedroom villa at the Paredon resort. Casa Papelillos offers an intimate stay where you and your guests have the home all to yourselves. Yet, you will also have an in-home housekeeping barman and a personal chef to prepare meals exclusively for you and your guests. One of the nice things about Casa Papelillos is that it sits just out of town to give you peace and seclusion, yet close enough that you can visit Puerto Vallarta’s Romantic Zone and downtown area to enjoy all of the shopping, dining, and nightlife options. In addition, your concierge can schedule a driver to take you on the 10-minute drive into town and again when you come home. 

If you want the most value for your vacation, you should consider one of these four villas on the south side of Vallarta, where the most beautiful beaches sit. 

Villa Experience offers vacation villa rentals in Puerto Vallarta, including Conchas Chinas, Vallarta’s South Shore, Mismaloya Beach, the Romantic Zone, and Amapas. At Villa Experience, we know that 5* luxury isn’t just about beautiful accommodation. The little things make a big difference, especially regarding your precious vacation time. We also understand that everyone needs something different from their luxury vacation, whether it’s pure relaxation, an exciting adventure, or immersion into a beautiful new culture. So we’ve developed our dedicated concierge service to help create tailor-made vacations.

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