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Why A Travel Neck Pillow Is A Must-Have On Your Post-Lockdown Trips

Why A Travel Neck Pillow Is A Must-Have On Your Post-Lockdown Trips


A new year means new opportunities. With nationwide and global lockdowns easing up, more and more people are getting ready to travel once more. You’re probably one of those people itching to visit the new place you’ve been eyeing online during the pandemic. 

After a year or two of staying solely at home, you might have already forgotten how to pack for a big trip. Sure, you’ve got your clothes and toiletries all tucked in your trusty luggage bag, but what else are you missing? A neck pillow, of course! Travel neck pillows are available almost anywhere and come in prices fitting any budget. So, you have no reason not to have one. Here are the advantages of carrying a travel pillow with you during your travel:

#1 No More Neck Pain

You may have gotten out of shape being stuck at home, and your upcoming trip might be your first chance to get some movement. Whether you’ll travel by land, air, or sea, your body will still have to adapt to some changes after a lockdown. Anyone who has traveled a lot knows how difficult it is to get enough rest during the journey.

Fatigue is no one’s best friend. It not only ruins your mood but also takes away your precious time enjoying the first few days of your trip. Having a travel neck pillow on hand keeps you from twisting and turning so much in your plane or car seat. Find one that’s comfortable and easily adjustable so that you can rest your head or neck as if you’re sleeping horizontally. A travel neck pillow that also molds to the contours of your neck prevents your head from hanging to the side, which causes eventual pain. Great pillows will even make the most uncomfortable seat feel like heaven. 

#2 Portable And Comfortable

You don’t need to bring your entire bedroom for your trips. Most airports worldwide require a certain weight limit for bags, so lugging around thick blankets is a bad idea. Travel neck pillows are light, compact, and perfect for any trip, no matter how far you’re going. Some pillows, especially U-shaped ones, don’t even need to be stuffed in a bag. 

When looking for neck pillows, pick buckwheat ones, these are made of organic materials and is great for eco-friendly folks. People with allergies can also benefit from hypoallergenic buckwheat pillows. Avoid pillows that are inflatable or made of polyester, because they are hot on the skin and tough on the neck. 

#3 Your Home Pillow’s Little Twin

Just because you have to leave your favorite pillow at home doesn’t mean you can’t get the rest you deserve. You’re on vacation, after all. Enjoy your trip as much as your destination. Bring a travel neck pillow along for the comfiest journey. If you don’t have a neck pillow yet, go for one made of the same material as your regular bedroom pillows. During the trip, your body will think you’re still back at home on your bed. Dab on a drop of lavender essential oil on the pillow, too, if you want maximum relaxation even on the bumpiest of car rides. 

To maintain your neck pillow’s quality, take time to clean it after every trip. Dust and pollution from outside can settle in the fabric and inside stuffing after a while. Follow the pillow’s laundry instructions properly to keep it from getting damaged. If there are no instructions available, check some guides online on how to clean them.

#4 Might Reduce Your Snoring

No one enjoys sleeping next to a noisy snorer. If you know that you’re a heavy snorer, you wouldn’t want your plane seatmates to suffer. With a travel neck pillow, you can position your neck correctly as you sleep sitting down. Your posture remains straight, allowing you to breathe without any obstruction. Clear airways lessen the possibility of you snoring loudly and ultimately keep you from being an embarrassment on the plane ride abroad.

#5 Align Your Spine

Any pain originating from the spine eventually affects the rest of the body. Avoid discomfort on your trips by resting on a travel neck pillow. Even if your seat isn’t the best in the world, a good neck pillow will keep your posture well as you take a rest. One way to maintain the correct posture while sitting is to wear a neck pillow while sleeping during the ride. A steady head, neck, and back prevents you from fidgeting around in your seat, which can wake you up at random times. 

You might still be able to sleep well without a neck pillow, but once you wake up, that’s when the stiffness manifests. You’ll end up worrying more about the pain in your neck than your vacation. Existing body pain can even lead to injuries, especially if you’re going to do a lot of physical activities. Before the worse scenario happens, take the necessary precautions. Keep in mind that prevention is better than cure.

Enjoy Your Travels…

Many people deserve a vacation after being cooped up at home for so long. That’s why going on a trip takes lots of planning to make the experience perfect. Bring along a travel neck pillow aside from the essentials to make the best out of your trip. You’ll rest so well with one that you might not even notice the long, arduous journey. 

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