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Fresh Travel: How to Stay Photo Ready on Your Vacation

Fresh Travel: How to Stay Photo Ready on Your Vacation


Travel photos pose an interesting conundrum. Here you are, in perhaps one of the most beautiful locations you’ve ever seen, ready to snap the perfect picture of yourself next to a majestic sunset. However, at the same time, you’ve just stepped off of a 12-hour flight, fought through three sleepless nights, and suffered a punishing day of humidity. The location is photo-ready, but you aren’t! 

Thankfully, there are solutions to this age-old problem. Provided you consider freshness, hygiene and physical health when you pack, you can stay photo-ready throughout your trip. Here are a few fresh tips for always looking your best. 

Sweat-Wicking, Breathable Merino Wool 

Your clothes are a strong determinant of overall freshness – or lack thereof. Synthetic polyester can leave your body feeling slick and sweaty. Cotton has a bad reputation for holding onto wrinkles. And acrylic (a material bizarrely feature in several summer garments) is perhaps the least breathable fabric you can find. Enter merino wool, the godsend of travel clothing. Merino wool is breathable, sweat-wicking, wrinkle-resistant, antibacterial and fast-drying. Even on brutally hot days, women’s travel t shirts made from merino will keep you feeling fresh, dry and ready for your close-up. 

Sunscreen and a Wide-Brimmed Hat

Sun safety is another key consideration for freshness and photo-readiness. Prolonged sun exposure can cause nasty, unsightly burns in the short term – and wrinkles, blemishes and signs of ageing in the long term. Even if you’re blessed with UV-protective melanin, it’s still wise to pack high-SPF sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat. Sun damage doesn’t understand seasons either, so pack your sun-safe gear for spring and fall trips abroad. 

A Sleep Mask, Melatonin and Water Bottle

Sleep and hydration are two essential elements of staying fresh. Without water, your skin can easily dry out and/or overproduce oils. And experts find that insufficient sleep can negatively impact your physical well–being. Long-haul flights are notorious for throwing off your sleep schedule, and the low-humidity airplane cabins can quickly dehydrate you. Therefore, be sure to pack a collapsible water bottle for regular hydration, melatonin for time-change adjustment, and a sleep mask for restful sleep. 

Cleansing Wipes 

Despite your best efforts – and your best merino clothing – you’ll probably still experience some sweat. In dusty or otherwise polluted environments, this sweat can cause skin irritation if not addressed promptly. That’s where cleansing wipes come in handy; they’re portable, small enough to fit in a pocket, and keep you looking and feeling fresh. This Allure article lists the best cleansing wipes, many of which fit neatly within a pair of women’s merino pants.

A Tightly Rolled Packing System

Lastly, you want to avoid wrinkles to stay camera-ready. Although merino wool clothing is wrinkle-resistant, it’s still wise to give it some extra help. Roll your clothing and tightly pack it inside your luggage. Rolling helps minimize creasing. Meanwhile, tightly packing clothes prevents them from jostling in your bag, which, as this scientific article points out, causes friction that leads to wrinkles. 

If you follow these straightforward tips, you can ensure that you’re always ready to snap a once-in-a-lifetime photo – even if you’ve just stepped off a long-haul flight!

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