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The Best Bites in Mayfair

The Best Bites in Mayfair

Property for sale in Mayfair is among the most sought-after, and expensive, in the world. It goes without saying, therefore, that an eatery in the district should be equally as alluring in its quality. As a prosperous hub for business, Mayfair is frequented by a population of busy professionals – many of whom lunch on the go.

It can often be difficult to fit nutritious meals into a tight daily schedule, but a high level of energy is essential to optimise productivity. The healthy eateries of Mayfair pay testament to the fact that nourishing and convenient need not be mutually exclusive when it comes to lunchtime dining. Whatever your dietary requirements, these fine restaurants in and around Mayfair are guaranteed to cater for your culinary needs.

For Vegetarians

Run by Swiss brothers on Heddon Street, tibits caters for vegan and vegetarian guests and charges for food by its weight. With a menu that changes seasonally, the restaurant has proven so popular that it opened a second London location this June.

If you are looking to fortify your defences against the looming winter, head over to Raw Press at 32 Dover Street to sample culinary goodness. With state-of-the-art equipment, they offer a wide choice of freshly pressed juices, as well as a selection of salad bowls to boost one’s immune system.

For diners who prefer the nutritional punch of raw foods, Rawligion on Tottenham Street offers all-vegan, gluten-free, organic and raw dishes. The menu changes frequently to allow for seasonal ingredients. Try the raw chocolates – they’re delicious!

For Escapist Cuisine

The Monocle Café on Chiltern Street serves Swedish and Japanese meals, as well as excellent coffee and pastries, in a simple but elegant atmosphere. All foods are offered to take away – perfect if you’re running late!

Inject Mediterranean sunshine into your September lunch at Caffè Rei on Hay Hill. It offers a delightful menu of antipasti, paninis, salads, pasta dishes, and fresh juices. Italian ingredients and authentic cuisine make for memorable meals.

For a lighter Mediterranean diet, taste Greek cuisine at Ergon Foods at 15 Maddox Street. Try the grilled octopus on hummus or one of the homemade pies for a hearty, delicious lunch.

Sit down at Natural Kitchen on Marylebone High Street if you like extra fresh meats. With an on-site butcher, the restaurant’s deli menu is ever expanding. The super smoothies will energise you for a busy day.

For Health Enthusiasts

The Good Life Eatery at 59 Sloane Avenue sells a line of cold-pressed juices and smoothies, which is complemented by a menu of warm bowls, salads, and baked treats that even the healthiest diners enjoy.

Occupying number 39 Beak Street, Pure offers hot food, salads, and deli pots that cater to all dietary requirements. Whether you desire a full lunch or just a muffin to go, Pure has a kitchen on site to prepare wholesome dishes for busy locals.

Benugo serves a wide selection of wraps, bloomers, and salad bowls with select meats. From 14 Curzon Street, the restaurant offers vegan and vegetarian options that are plentiful and delicious. Treats like the morello cherry and almond cake will delight those with a sweet tooth.







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  1. Looks like there is a wide range of food to suit all tastes in Mayfair. Your pictures make it look even yummier.

    • Carmen Edelson

      Definitely a wide range! Thanks for reading, Mark 🙂

  2. The Monocle Cafe has a really interesting collection. I’ve never heard of a restaurant that serves both Swedish and Japanese food.

    • Carmen Edelson

      I know, it’s so unique!

  3. What a great listing of places to dine with lots of choices for different tastes. Since I LOVE octopus I’d have to go to Ergon Food first.

    • Carmen Edelson

      You’ll really enjoy it, Lara!

  4. Honestly, I’m not at all hungry right now, but looking at those photos had my mouth watering. Great writeup! And if that first picture is of the salad bowls, I’m so in 🙂

    • Carmen Edelson

      Glad to hear it, Meagan! Thank you.

  5. One of my favorite neighborhoods! I’ll be sure to check these places out when I’m in London next month!

    • Carmen Edelson

      I hope you have a great trip, Lauren! Enjoy the food.

  6. How nice to see a post on good, healthy food instead of food drenched in butter, cheese and sauces! Thanks!

    • Carmen Edelson

      Exactly! Thanks for reading, Tam 🙂

  7. Oh wow those dishes at tibits looked incredibly yummy! I like that area in the city as it is quite close to Oxford st yet it’s very quiet.

    • Carmen Edelson

      Me too! It’s a great spot.

  8. Well, everything looks delicious! And it’s so nice to find healthy food while traveling! I will need to check out Mayfair next time I’m in the London area!

    • Carmen Edelson

      Yes, you must! It’s a great neighborhood.

  9. These are exactly the kind of articles I read before I go somewhere new! Finding healthy food is so important to us. Thanks for including a veggie option too!

    • Carmen Edelson

      You’re so welcome, Jennifer! Enjoy.

  10. Thanks for this post! Foods looks so healthy, delicious, and mouth watering! I love the dishes!

    • Carmen Edelson

      You’re very welcome, Evan!

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