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Outdoor Living Trends to Invest in for a Perfect Summer Party

Outdoor Living Trends to Invest in for a Perfect Summer Party


So you want to throw the perfect summer party but your backyard is hardly an entertainer’s dream.  What can you do to upgrade your outdoor space?  First, decide what is the focal point of your party?  Is it luxury dining under the stars?  A pool party complete with margaritas and hamburgers?  Or a mid-morning brunch with coffee, tea, and snack bar?  While everyone’s summer party will be different, there are a few outdoor living trends that you can invest in to ensure that your party is a hit.   

Outdoor Kitchen

Sure, a basic outdoor cooking area can consist of only a grill, but it doesn’t need to.  Infact, an outdoor kitchen can be as elaborate as the space you have available.  At a minimum, an outdoor kitchen should have a grill, sink, refrigerator, and bar center. But why stop there? Having a variety of ways to cook outdoors is the best way to increase the appeal of your outdoor kitchen.  A grill is the most important method of cooking, but you can add a pizza oven, fryer, smoker, griddle, and gas cooktop to your outdoor kitchen. 

In addition to cooking for your guests, you’ll need to provide cold beverages.  Having a refrigerator in your outdoor kitchen means you can serve up juice, lemonade, bottled water, and any adult drink your guests desire.  You can add even more adult beverages to your drink menu by installing a beer tap and wine fridge in your outdoor kitchen.  While your guests drink their refreshments, provide them ample seating at the bar area.  You can add platters of appetizers and snacks to your bar for guests to munch on while they wait for the main course to be served. You will want your outdoor kitchen to match the style of your house.  Stick with natural stone or stone veneers to construct your outdoor kitchen.  You should also look for flooring that is non slippery.  The best options are stamped concrete, concrete tiles, and precast pavers.  Stainless steel appliances are preferred in outdoor kitchens and granite is arguably the best choice for an outdoor countertop.  

Luxury Seating

Make sure your guests are comfortable by providing plenty of seating options.  Create seating that will foster conversation by grouping chairs and outdoor couches in close and creative ways.  You can opt for classic seating with an outdoor sofa and two chairs that face each other.  Add a coffee table or small fire pit in the center for additional detail and design.  You can also lose the couch and opt for four comfortable outdoor chairs that face each other.  Again, add a focal point between the chairs with a table or fire pit.  If you have the space you can add several small seating areas to create optimal areas for guests to converse with each other.  

Of course your guests will only be as comfortable as the seat they are sitting on.  To ensure comfort by choosing outdoor furniture that is large enough to lounge on but not so big that it overtakes the seating area.  Most outdoor furniture is made from aluminum, wood, stainless steel, wicker or wrought iron as the base structure. Cover the base structure with comfortable cushions and soft pillows that coordinate with your outdoor color scheme.   

Swimming Pool

While a swimming pool is a good addition to any backyard, it is the perfect addition to an entertainer’s backyard.  A swimming pool ensures that even on the hottest of summer days your guests have an area to dip their feet in the cool water, lounge on pool floats, and splash around.  Swimming pools don’t need to be a basic rectangle.  More and more homeowners are using their swimming pool as a focal point of their backyard by rounding their edges and adding ledges, tanning steps, and a baja shelf.  

The area around your swimming pool should be just as luxurious as the pool itself.  Surround your pool with custom tiles for an extra design boost.  And, ensure there is enough concrete surrounding the pool so that you can add seating for those that would rather lounge around the water.  Use lounge chairs and a small accent table with an attached umbrella to provide shade.  

Fire Pit or Fireplace

Last year, over 76% of HomeLight real estate agents cited a fire pit as the number one upgrade for outdoor entertainment.  Make your fire pit an area for friends and family to gather during your summer party by adding comfortable seating where guests can lounge, talk, and toast a few marshmallows.  Circular fire pits that are encased with natural stone or brick are very popular among homebuyers.  Metal fire pits and small moveable propane fire pits are also popular for those that do not want a permanent fire pit area.   

If you would like to upgrade your fire pit to create a larger outdoor focal point you can install a fireplace.  A fireplace is a permanent structure that requires professional installation.  Fireplaces can be natural gas-burning, wood burning, or propane burning.  Each of these types of fireplaces has their own pros and cons, however the majority of outdoor fireplaces are natural gas-burning due to their ease to maintain and clean burning fuel.  Popular fireplace exteriors are natural stone, brick, and concrete.  A fireplace with additional seating and a completely paved area for relaxing by the fire will be a hit with your guests, especially when day turns to night.  

Upgraded Landscaping

Your summer party can be downright miserable if it is invaded by mosquitoes, bees, ants or flies.  Staying on top of your landscaping is an easy way to prevent an infestation of insects. Keep bushes and trees trimmed to avoid falling leaves and dripping sap.  Keep flowers and vining plants pruned and stick with plants that deter insects such as lemon grass, lavender, and marigolds.  Stick with plants that are native to your area so that your landscaping will be much easier to care for and benefit native wildlife.  If you live in an area that is prone to droughts you should consider xeriscaping, which will reduce the need for irrigation. 

You can make a statement with your landscaping by adding eye catching hardscaping.   Use brick, stone, rocks, and concrete around your landscaping.  Not only will these hardscaping additions create clean appealing borders around your landscaping, they are a valuable addition to promote your home if you choose to sell at a later timeYou don’t need to invest in every single outdoor living trend.  Choose two or three trends that fit your lifestyle and your entertaining style. The right outdoor living trend for you will boost your summer party and keep your guests entertained, comfortable, and happy.  


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