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Most Exotic Beaches to Visit in the United Kingdom

Most Exotic Beaches to Visit in the United Kingdom


Besides the historical buildings, fascinating culture, and landscapes, the UK is blessed with over 1500 beaches. That’s huge, Isn’t it? Unfortunately, not all the beaches in the UK are worth visiting, particularly during the summer. Of course, you won’t want to spend your time and money visiting a lackluster beach. So, if you are a beach enthusiast, here are the most exotic UK beaches you can visit this summer. These beaches will turn into memory you will always remember for a lifetime. Besides, you can never be bored when visiting the beaches we are about to mention. Just relax, grab a cup of coffee and let’s dive in.

Bamburgh Beach, Northumberland

Bamburgh beach is a fantastic beach where you’ll get to glimpse nature’s wonder. Some of the things you will see when you visit Bamburgh beach include dolphins, good waves, and medieval castles. Bamburgh beach is full of smooth sand for those who love sand baths. You’ll see varieties of plants and local wildlife, including some rare insects if you pay close attention to the environment.

Watergate Bay Beach, Cornwall

If you are fond of walking on smooth golden sand, you’ll enjoy visiting Watergate Bay. You’ll never get tired of the sea views at Watergate Bay, especially if you love watching surfers. There aren’t many beaches in the world with waves that can make you happier than the waves at Watergate Bay. The Watergate is located below a cliff, so you may walk on if you wish to see how things appear from the top.

Bournemouth Beach

Each year, thousands of visitors go to Bournemouth Beach to catch fun. The clear blue waters of the beach, which usually feel warm, and the golden sand on the beach are part of the things that makes Bournemouth Beach a fantastic beach to visit during summer. According to TripAdvisor awards, Bournemouth Beach is the eighth-best beach in Europe. You can enjoy a coastal view of the area while walking on the cliff behind the beach.

Scarista Beach, Isle of Harris

The beautiful look of this sandy white beach will fascinate you when you visit the beach. You’ll feel happy to visit the Scarista beach even if a glimpse of the beach is all you get during your visit. The beach is located in a remote part of South Harris, but still, many people take their time to visit it. This fact alone should suggest that some fantastic features of the Scarista beach are hard to resist. If you visit the beach once, you also become attached to the beach.

Barafundle Bay Beach, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Barafundle Bay is a very popular bay that has won lots of awards in the past. It seems right to call it an award-winning beach. In 2004, the bay was among the top 12 beaches in the world. To date, it remains one of the most exotic beaches for fun lovers. The mere picture of this fascinating beach can prompt you to try a visitor visa to Wales to know what it feels like on the beautiful beach. Interestingly, there are many fun things at Barafundle Bay. You can decide to swim or walk around the coastline.

Blackpool Beach

Blackpool Beach is a gem for all beach lovers. This beach stretches over a long distance to the point that it seems to have no end. Fortunately, you may choose to ride on donkeys instead of walking on foot if you wish to go so far on the beach. You’ll find donkeys on the beach, and you can rent some of them, especially for kids. The water is usually cold, even during a hot summer afternoon. Millions of tourists visit Blackpool Beach every year to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the area and get a glimpse of the wonders of nature.

Fistral Beach, Cornwall

If you live in the UK and love surfing on beaches, you probably have visited Fistral beach at least once. Even if you live outside the UK, you may see the need to consult Immigration lawyers to seek advice on how you can also join fellow surfers on this exotic beach. This beach is always vibrant and can even be extraordinarily vibrant if you visit when an international surfing competition is ongoing in the area. The water on the beach is usually cold, but that doesn’t mean you can’t swim if you love swimming. You can even swim in it with your wetsuit if you are not fond of swimming in very cold water.

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