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Top 10 Summer Beach Bag Essentials

Top 10 Summer Beach Bag Essentials

Summer is upon us and most beaches provide enough outdoor space to social distance – making it the perfect outing for 2020! From protective products to fun and creative accessories, these 10 must-have beach bag items will take your beach trip to the next level.

#1 Water-Resistant Sunscreen

Don’t even consider a trip to the beach without sunscreen that’s water-resistant! A classic is the Sun Bum Original Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion that just smells like summer and works with all skin types. If you prefer a spray, I’d choose Neutrogena’s Beach Defense with a higher SPF. This might be easier to use with kids. 

But if you’re worried about how pale you look and want some quick color before heading to the beach, try the Australian Gold Spray Gel with Instant Bronzer. You’ll look great but also be protected with SPF 50, this comes highly recommended by lifeguards as well. 

#2 Quick Dry Beach Towel

There’s nothing worse than a damp towel, which is why you should consider a microfiber option for this summer. My favorite is the Dock & Bay towel which is not only quick drying but ALSO sand proof!

#3 Table in a Bag 

Spending a day at the beach most likely will involve eating on the beach too! Make your life easier with this clever Trekology Portable Table which is essentially a foldable table that you can easily carry with you. Trust me, this will make your beach picnic, or any picnic, more enjoyable. 

#4 Moisturizing BB Cream with SPF

If you don’t feel comfortable visiting the beach with a bare face, turn to a light BB cream instead of a heavy foundation. On the higher end, I recommend La Roche-Posay’s iconic Effaclar BB Blur. If you want to spend less, Burt’s Bees BB Cream is also a good option. Both come with SPF so you’ll be protecting your face as well as looking fabulous! 

#5 Great Beach Reads

Enjoying a fun beach read is one of the most relaxing things you can do in the summer! This Kindle Paperwhite, which is already anti-glare, also now has a waterproof design so you have nothing to worry about near the ocean or any body of water. As for what to read, I recently wrote about my favorite travel fiction novels.

#6 Stylish Sunglasses

Both Longchamp and Kate Spade are two high end brands who know how to design beautiful summer sunglasses. Either of these styles are perfect for a day at the beach, or any other fun outing. 

#7 Lip Balm with SPF 

You cannot forget to protect your lips at the beach! Burt’s Bees 100% Natural All-Weather lip balm is perfectly moisturizing and has SPF 15. If you want something higher, I recommend COOLA Liplux with SP 30. Their original works wonders, but you can also buy their tinted lip balms which still have SPF and add a little color to your lips as well. 

#8 Insulated Water Bottle

Whether you’re drinking water or something more fun and flavorful, think of the environment and bring a reusable water bottle to the beach! In order for your drinks to stay cool the entire day, insulated is the way to go. A Yeti Rambler Tumbler is very reliable, along with a Corkcicle Canteen. The latter is my personal favorite, especially in the Rose Quartz shade! 

#9 Protective Sun Hat

Protect your scalp and face with the perfect beach hat. FURTALK is a wonderful brand which makes protective sun hats that are stylish, convenient, and safe. This one in particular protects from UV’s with UPF50, and is also foldable so you can easily stuff it in your beach bag. 

#10 Swimsuit Coverups 

Your beach look isn’t complete without a swimsuit coverup. My favorites type of beach cover up’s are also dresses, like this Becca by Rebecca Virtue one or this Coolibar option with UPF 50+. That way, you can easily leave the beach and dine at a nearby restaurant while looking appropriate and fashionable. 

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