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7 Trendy Stones for Jewelry Beyond the Traditional Gemstones

7 Trendy Stones for Jewelry Beyond the Traditional Gemstones


Gemstones are quite popular these days; they undoubtedly enhance the aesthetic appeal of any jewelry. A gemstone can be defined as a piece of mineral crystal that can be used for jewelry or various other adornment purposes. However, for jewelry and ornaments, the stones that can be used are not always gemstones. There are stones or rocks that include organic materials (non minerals) that are often used for jewelry or adornment purposes as well because of their interesting luster and physical properties. However, it is quite common to confuse non-gems with gemstones. In this guide, we are going to share some stones that are quite beautiful; but you’d be surprised to know that they are not gemstones.

#1 The Trendy Lapis Lazuli

You would be surprised to know that this beautiful stone is not a gemstone. Lapis lazuli is sometimes called “lapis”. You would find this stone in a deep blue color; it is counted among semi-precious stones quite commonly. It is actually a metamorphic rock and the primary reason behind its popularity is the intense color that it has. Usually, this stone occurs in the form of crystalline marbles because of the contact metamorphism.

#2 The Breathtaking Glamour of Amber

Everyone happens to adore the color and curious luster of amber. It’s hard to believe that amber is simply a tree resin that has been fossilized. Amber has been immensely popular because of the naturally aesthetic appearance owing to its intense color and has been famous since the neolithic era. Amber is used quite frequently in jewelry and decorative items, and it was a common healing agent in folk medicine as well. It comes in a few different colors of brown, red, green, orange, yellow, and blue. It is an amorphous solid and has a resinous luster with an opaque appearance. 

#3 Serene Jet Stone!

It is simple and would take your breath away. It has a mysteriously serene beauty that is hard to define in words. Jet stone is created by wooden materials after compacting or burying them, after this the organic degradation starts. Later, this is heated, and the result is the beautiful coal seam that renders jet stone its curious beauty. Usually,  this stone is found in black color, but some also appear in brown color. It is also known as lignite, gem lignite, or sometimes is even called black amber. Jet stone is considered to be a mineraloid and is popularly used for rings, pendants, hair embellishments, and other forms of adornment. You would find it surprising that jet stone has been thought to possess magical properties by the Romans. It was also believed that it can protect from evil eyes. 

#4 Cat’s Eye

This is a pattern that is usually seen in a gemstone when it is cut in the convex or en cabochon form and is polished finely. The pattern or formation of the luminous band is something that resembles the cat eye and is often called chatoyancy. The mysterious optical effect is because the cabochon cut gemstone is reflecting light. Generally, this pattern appears in greenish-yellow or yellow-brown colors. However, some of the stones can also show color changes that is quite a rare phenomenon, but you can see this in the cat’s eye alexandrite stone. The cat’s eye effect commonly results in a honey and milk effect that is undeniably mesmerizing. 

#5 The Swirling Charoite

If you have ever wanted to own a stone that is an absolute rarity, then charoite is the perfect choice. It was discovered in the Yakutia mountain range and nowhere else. It is simply stunning and is a wondrous swirling, purple stone with a luster resembling that of the finest pearls. It is quite intricate and also rare to find, which makes it a perfect choice for a unique piece of jewelry or adornment. It is usually used in earrings, necklaces, or pendants and is among the most prized stones out there. They are generally considered to have a purplish color, but if you observe the hues closely, you will notice that it has intriguing swirls of violet and lilac with some white lines and a few black patches in there as well. You may also see some yellow, brown, or red touches. 

#6 The Subtle Peridot Stone

If you desire subtlety, then peridot should be your go-to stone. It is also known as chrysolite and is an amazing stone of silicate mineral and olivine. Interestingly enough, it is quite rich in magnesium and often occurs in rocks that are deficient, like pallasite meteorites or volcanic basalt. It comes in a curiously subtle green hue; but that depends a lot on its iron content. The crystal system in peridot is orthorhombic, and it has an oily to vitreous luster. It is often associated with healing properties and is considered to be beneficial for depression. 

#7 Go For a Perfect Celestite Geode

Celestite or celestine geode consists of strontium sulfate and is quite a delicate-looking stone. Although it commonly occurs in crystalline form in geodes, it can also be found in fibrous form in the sedimentary rocks. It has an occasional soft blue color. It is often used for adornment purposes, but you will also find it in metal alloys and fireworks. It has a brittle tenacity and an uneven fracture. You would be intrigued by the appearance of this stone and as the name says celestial, it does look the part. The stone has a vitreous luster and is pearly on the cleavages. This stone is often thought to have divine powers and is quite often used during prayer, mindfulness, and meditation because it is associated with optimizing consciousness and increasing consciousness. Although it is usually in pale blue color, it may also be found in pale green, black, organic brown, or pink colors.

The stones shared above are quite interesting and have an enormous aesthetic appeal for those who love stones. Now that you know about these beautiful varieties of options out there, you can more comfortably make your decision about the perfect stone for you.

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