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World’s Weirdest Drinks: From The Cow Pee to Beer For Children

World’s Weirdest Drinks: From The Cow Pee to Beer For Children


Belgium is famous for its beers, Georgia for its incredibly delicious wine, and Portugal – Port wine. But there are some countries that can offer you a drink which many of us would consider inappropriate or simply weird.

My friends from Travel Ticker are going to tell you about these strange drinks, which are not so easy to come by, and not many of westerners dare to sample them. However, many nations believe that their unique drinks are not only delicious but can actually heal! Intrigued? I bet so! Bellow you will find a list of world’s truly weirdest drinks that includes beer for kids, and many other strange delicacies you can try out one day.

The healing mice wine

Someone who has seen a just born mouse might agree that they could go without seeing that image again. But the Chinese don’t think this way at all. In fact, they use these newborn mice to make one of the weirdest drinks ever – a mice wine.

Locals put just minutes old mice into big bottles and pour red wine on them. They keep this delicacy for a period of time, and soon after they can start enjoying it! The locals not only enjoy such an unusual drink, but also consume this as a health elixir. According to the Chinese, it actually heals everything – from asthma to liver disease. What’s even worse? Well, after you drink a glass of this wine, it is necessary to eat one little mouse floating in the bottom of the bottle. So be prepared for that too, if you try and brave this drink!

Warming gulls drink

The Inuit live in a land owned by snow and ice, so getting warm is one of the most important things in life. But since getting a glass of wine in Arctic is pretty hard, locals tend to get creative and use whatever they can to make some alcohol. In this case – sometimes even birds.


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For example, the Inuit catch gulls and insert them into a bottle of water. Then they leave it in direct sunlight to cause fermentation, and after a bit of time you have one of the truly weirdest drinks that you won’t be in a hurry to taste.

For us, such a production method seems a little bit alien and weird, but keep in mind that people who are literally living most of their lives on ice, and don’t have much of other ways how to get warm – this method becomes the only way to get some warmth.

The healing powers of cow’s urine

India is one of the most colorful countries in the world. Here we can find many weird and unusual things we, as westerners, would consider inappropriate or disgusting. But in India poverty is pretty widespread, so there is no such thing as something without value.


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Since cows are considered to be sacred in India, tourists are used to seeing big bands of them walking freely in streets. And although it is normal for us to drink cow’s milk, in India people also use cow’s urine as a real panacea. The Indians believe that drinking cow’s urine cures diabetes and even cancer, so don’t be super shocked if on a store’s shelf close to the milk you see a bottle of urine on sale as well.

An alcoholic mare’s milk

If you ever go to Mongolia and are offered a glass of white koumiss – be careful. This not so ordinary horse milk’s strength reaches 4.5 percent. Meaning, that you can absolutely get drunk if you drink too much of it!


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But it is truly worth tasting this real Mongolian delicacy – not because it is a gesture of politeness from the locals, but because of the scientifically proven healing properties! Also, this drink is very rare, so if someone offers you it – you are being extremely honored!


A beer for children

Japanese “Kodomo Biru” has an advertisement campaign that proclaims that “even kids cannot stand life if they don’t drink this beer”. This shocking slogan actually works for an exclusive brand of beer specifically made for children.

It is worth mentioning that the taste of this beer is said to be similar to cola, and it does not actually contain any alcohol. Therefore, there is no harm of buying this beer for your kid. Although, the image of this beer being poured into a glass which is held by a small child is still pretty disturbing to look at even for those who can claim to have seen it all.

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  1. Liz Peterson
    February 11, 2016 at 2:21 pm

    Ha! This is so funny… and somewhat disgusting! I’d be super interested to learn more about that Mare’s milk though. Did you know the beer drinking age in Belgium is different than other alcohol? Belgians can drink beer at 16. Pretty interesting.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Carmen
      February 12, 2016 at 9:43 am

      No, I didn’t know that the drinking age in Belgium was 16. I’m not sure I would be incline to try some of these drinks.

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