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Why A Caribbean Cruise Is The Ultimate Luxury

Why A Caribbean Cruise Is The Ultimate Luxury


Cruise holidays really are the ultimate in luxury, combining the fun and adventure of backpacking through different countries with the comfort and style of a luxury hotel resort. Even if there’s a couple of days between port excursions, there’s plenty onboard to keep you busy, with broadway shows, comedy, cinema screenings, and delicious fine dining. One popular cruise destination is the Caribbean – and it’s no wonder why, with almost guaranteed sun, friendly locals, and stunning beaches. Book your next trip with Cruise Deals for a last minute getaway in the sun.


Caribbean Sunsets (Image Cruise Deals)


Sunny Sightseeing

With 7000 islands to choose from, a Caribbean cruise means you have plenty of opportunity to explore different destinations. You can start off with a couple of days in Florida, USA, enjoying sun and sea, before setting off to call at destinations like Jamaica, Cuba, Antigua, and the Dominican, all with their own unique charms, and eclectic fusions of culture. There’s also some amazing biodiversity sites, so the more adventurous can try their hand at scuba diving, waterfall climbing, caving, or bungee jumping – something you don’t get at a standard luxury resort holiday.


Caribbean islands (Image Cruise Deals)


Luxury Accommodation

Between hitting the stunning beaches, you can take advantage of all the ship has to offer. Activities on offer vary according to different ships, with family friendly, couples only, and party options available – be sure to check with your travel agent when you book if there is any specific activities you are looking for. The clean and luxurious cabins are bright and spacious, so you can drop your souvenirs in your wardrobe before heading off to dinner after a port excursion. Of course, if you missed hitting the beach at the previous stop, you can still enjoy a swim under the sun while you’re onboard.


Allure of the Seas (Image Cruise Deals)


Fine Dining

If there’s one ultimate reason to to go cruising around the Caribbean, it’s the food. Cruise ships are renowned for having excellent chefs, so you’re sure to find something delicious on the menu. Additionally, when you’re enjoying a trip to port, you can definitely enjoy some authentic Caribbean cuisine, which varies from island to island but is always warm and flavourful. There are lots of restaurants where you can grab some fresh seafood, or compare jerk flavours across the islands, where every state has their own variation on the recipe. Cruisers who suffer from allergies or dietary restrictions should notify their cruise provider when booking, but on board you’ll be able to enjoy the same fantastic food without any worries.


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