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Where to Go on a Luxury Holiday When You Need to Slow Down

Where to Go on a Luxury Holiday When You Need to Slow Down


Life is hectic for everyone, these days. If you want to be successful in your work, but also in your private life, you need to put in the time. It can leave you drained, after a while, needing a moment to breathe and regain your energy. If that is the way you feel, then you need to head somewhere, you can lay back, in a luxurious environment and take some time for you. Here are a couple of ideas that will help.

Head to the Mountains: Megève, Haute-Savoie (France)

If you have never been to the French Alps, this might be the right moment for you to do so. To get away from the electricity of the city and its pollutant noises, there is nothing like heading out into the mountains, to listen to the birds singing and the bees buzzing. Nature is the one element that can get you back on track rapidly, and the trees of the mountains in Megève, will be your best medicine, on your way back to regaining your missing energy. Although you will find the city a little less crowded in summer time, winter is still an ideal moment to find peace of mind, if you rent a property in the mountains. As you enjoy your indoor pool, you can take the time to watch the snowflakes fall outside. It will surely calm your brain and place you in a serene state of mind.

Rent a Chalet Where You Won’t Have to Leave for a Few Days:

Sometimes, all you need to recuperate from an intense life, is to hide away from the rest of the world. You can do so by yourself, but you can also bring family and friends along, for they are not “the rest of the world” to you. In fact, reconnecting with the ones that you love most, is certainly recommended when you are trying to get back on track. We lack time to spend with our loved ones. It is one of the biggest issues that we face in our hectic lives. Since there are activities that we cannot postpone (mostly work), we slowly take time away from our personal lives with others, until there are only crumbs left. Renting a chalet in Megève, at “Fée Pour Vous” will enable you to concentrate your efforts on caring for your guests, while the butler of the chalet will handle running it, during your stay there. You won’t even have to handle dinner, since a private chef will do so. This is the winning recipe, when you really want to slow down your life, for a little while. 

Head to the Seaside in Southern Sicily: 

The sea is also a great place to slow life down. However, you will have to stay away from the busy period of summer. But although many seaside touristic destinations remain highly occupied well into the fall season and start back up in Spring time, this is not the case with Southern Sicily. As soon as August leaves, you suddenly find all the space you need, on some of the most beautiful beaches bordering the Mediterranean Sea. This is the case of Sampieri, located minutes away from Scicli, a beautiful gem of a town, that you can visit in the daytime to fully discover its beauty and at nighttime, when it shows its secret side, once fully illuminated. On that beautiful stretch of sand (Sampieri), you can lay back and let the sun warm your skin, without anyone too close to you, to spoil your oblivious moment. You can merge with the book you are reading, and then enter the warm water, whenever you get too warm. 

There are many luxurious villas that can be rented in the area, that will provide you with everything you need to fully enjoy life, at a different pace. Even when you go out to eat in restaurants, you will never feel pressed to leave. Of course, it also means that you have to be patient while waiting for the food to be served, but since taking the time to live is what you were looking for in the first place, it should not be an issue. Don’t forget to visit the various cities inside the Ragusa Province. Start with Modica, who used to be the capital city of Ragusa. Follow the streets, and climb until you get to the top, where you will have an incredible view, especially at night. And don’t miss Ragusa Ibla, a little piece of paradise, located on one of the mountain tops.

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