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The Best of The Veneto Region: 7-Day Itinerary

The Best of The Veneto Region: 7-Day Itinerary


Any sort of trip to Italy usually includes some time in the Veneto Region part of the country. However, what about a whole week there? To us, it sounds super exciting! However, as there is a lot to see and a lot of ground to cover, your best chance at a successful time is a good itinerary. So, if you have trouble coming up with it, check out our suggestions for 7 days in Veneto! 

Days 1-3: Venice and Treviso

If by any chance you are already in Italy visiting the more popular regions, like the central part, be quick in purchasing Rome to Venice train tickets, and get ready to discover the beauty of both Venice and Treviso! 


When in Venice, make sure to hit all the most essential spots, like St. Mark’s Square and the Basilica! The most renowned and famous building in the region, St. Mark’s Basilica, is an architectural and historical marvel perfectly displaying the genius Italian mind. Later on, walk around St. Mark’s Square and see the most beautiful historical landmarks and exterior. Or, on that note, get yourself the best Italian gelato right there at the piazza

If you are traveling with a loved one, we suggest a gondola ride through the Venetian canals. This allows you the best views of the city from a different perspective, and the quaint journey creates a lovely, intimate vibe. That being said, the ride is fun with any companion, so you can take your friend or child! Another site not to miss is the gorgeous Doge Palace – Venice’s absolute shining jewel. The facade features beautiful arches, and the interior is just as impressive. You will also get to learn plenty about royal history. 


A little sister to Venice, Treviso is like a charming copycat, yet less crowded and has different stuff to explore! The Gothic churches and the network of canals in both cities are worth comparing. However, Treviso has a much more potent artistic feel to it, and there is plenty of evidence for that. For example, inspect and enjoy the famous frescoes at Santa Lucia church in San Vito Square or San Nicolo church, yet another Gothic marvel. For the most delicious after-dinner treat, head to La Bouchere. Not only do they serve the most impeccable food here, but legend also has it that tiramisu was invented right there, ages ago! 

Days 4-5: Padua 

Padua is a small and quaint city with plenty of beautiful squares to visit; do you see a pattern here yet? Head to Piazza de Signori, one of Padua’s most historically significant squares. The whole exterior of the piazza is filled with Renaissance and Medieval styles, and most of what you will see was created in the 14th century. But, of course, you will also get to see the day-to-day life happening right there – Piazza de Signori is the central gathering place for locals! 

However, your top priority should be the famous Basilica di Sant’Antonio. The stunning domed basilica is Padua’s signature mark, once again showing the distinct Italian way of expressing art. The frescoes decorating the interior and impeccable details of the exterior architecture will blow your mind, so set aside a decent amount of time just to explore it! Of course, no Italian holiday would be complete without a trip to an art museum. For that, we suggest opting for Musei Civici. The complex of museums and historical buildings will allow you insight into the most beautiful artwork in the Veneto Region, including works of Titia, Giotto, Bellini, and Veronese. 

Days 6-7: Verona

In fair Verona, where we lay our scene. So, let’s! The scene in front of you is the perfect ending to the perfect holiday. Verona probably comes as a close second to Venice, considering Veneto Region in terms of popularity. Most are drawn by its representation in William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, but there is much more to it! Of course, there is no way going around it – Verona was indeed the scene for our star-crossed lovers, so visiting Juliet’s balcony is as important as anything else here. Feel the air change as you come closer – full of romance and undying dreams, the balcony is a favorite spot of many couples and youngsters, leaving love letters and love locks for good luck, never mind how the famous play ended! 

After getting your amore on, head to see the most significant and impressive monument in Verona – the mighty Arena di Verona. Looking like a more miniature copy of Rome’s Colosseum, Arena di Verona was used to house similar events, but the best part about it is that even after overcoming many dramatic events in the past – the amphitheater is still in business. You might even catch a show! The overall vibe of the city is quite relaxing and artsy, so you might want to spend some time taking long strolls and admiring what is around you – a bit of relaxation to end your holiday. 

I hope you enjoy your Italian holiday! Remember to keep to your itinerary the best you can, but let yourself indulge in some spontaneous activities as well – sometimes, these make for the best memories. Arrivederci, and good luck! 

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