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Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards Launches New Website

Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards Launches New Website


After the spectacular success at last year’s Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards at the Trans Resort Bali, the most exclusive and prestigious hospitality and lifestyle awards are back this year with a new website for easier access and improved user experience for 2016. The new website is faster, and more user friendly and interactive for this year’s self-nomination and voting, not to mention sleeker in appearance.





Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards have always ensured that there is prestige, exclusivity and benefit to nominees and winners by implementing aspects such as working in sectors instead of categories and capping the number of winners possible.

As an organization that is proud to be working with the most luxurious and exclusive hospitality and lifestyle companies around the world, Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards understands the need for winners to be able to showcase their achievements. This new and improved website will help further those goals by having a much smoother and easy to understand user experience.



Transparency and Credibility when showcasing an accolade, are critical aspects to the careers and reputations of, not only, the GM’s, CEO’s Presidents and VP’s that work with us but also to the reputation of the establishments that they represent.

The voting system of the Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards has been enhanced in in such a way as to provide maximum transparency. Via this system each nominee is able to log into the website and monitor the voting as it happens every day 24/7. This also provides the nominees with access to information which was previously visible only to our organization.


Seven Stars Luxury and Hospitality Awards Website Login Page



Nominees will see where the votes are coming in from, how they rank in comparison to the other nominees in their respective sector and country and see their award history on their own private dashboard.

This unique system will provide useful information to each nominee in various ways, such as, seeing where their property is more popular and the response that their e-marketing efforts provide.

Khalil El-Mouelhy, Chairman-President/Founder of the Awards said:

Transparency in Business is a must. The Awards industry is no different. We must listen to the demands of the industry for transparency and fulfil these demands. Awards play a very important part within the Hospitality industry as they are used in marketing initiatives and can be career makers, however if the correct level of transparency is not there, they can be career breakers. Credibility is everything and we will continue to strive to fulfil the demands of our nominees and winners in order to constantly provide them with more benefit. We have been working on ways to showcase and share the information we receive with our nominees and I am delighted that we managed to implement these enhancements in time for the 2016 voting period. We are very proud to be the first awards program to provide our nominees with such a useful and transparent system as, without credibility and transparency, an award becomes useless.

The venue for the 2016 Gala ceremony will be announced shortly.

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