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Have the Adventure of a Lifetime with an Alaskan Yacht Charter

Have the Adventure of a Lifetime with an Alaskan Yacht Charter


Southeast Alaska is home to one of the most majestic cruising grounds in the world, providing a genuinely epic yacht charter adventure. Discover a labyrinth of meandering channels, ice-capped fjords, and absolute tranquillity. Visit native villages and idyllic islands and enjoy the view of dramatic mountains, icebergs and one-of-a-kind vistas. Not forgetting to enjoy the view of the abundant wildlife, including humpback whales, pods of orcas and seals basking on the rocks.

This remote region of the United States is a glacial wonderland, offering myriad activities that can be added to your bespoke itinerary. To get you started, read on to discover the best things to see and do on an Alaska yacht charter.

Visit Alaska by Yacht Charter


Situated on the outer coast of Alaska’s Inside Passage, the city of Sitka sits at the base of the mesmerising, glacial mountains. Sitka is the oldest and undoubtedly the most beautiful city in southeast Alaska. With no incoming roads, Sitka has long remained a popular destination for yacht charters.

There are 22 sites that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, including the Russian Blockhouse, Russian Bishop’s House, Princess Maksoutoff’s Grave, and Castle Hill. Cultural events worth visiting on an Alaska yacht charter include the Summer Music Festival, the New Archangel Dancers performing authentic Russian folk dances, and the collection of Tlingit and Haida totem poles at the Sitka National Historical Park. Spend the day kayaking in Bear Bay, a bay that is entered through a narrow strait and is entirely landlocked, creating extremely still waters ideal for exploring up close. As you pass through these open waters, you will see orcas and humpbacks swimming side by side.

Red Bluff Bay:

Continue to Red Bluff, an exceptionally beautiful remote anchorage with glistening ice fields and waterfalls spilling down 5,000-foot mountain sides. Yacht charter guests will have unique photo opportunities of the area’s natural surroundings and abundant wildlife. The icy waterfalls and dramatic mountains of Red Bluff Bay are prime spots to see bears snatching at the water for salmon.

No Alaska yacht charter would be complete without a visit to Baranof Warm Springs. Situated just off Chatham Strait, visitors will find the cascading 30-metre waterfall and nine geothermal springs. Glacially-fed freshwater lakes, rivers, and gentle streams surround the area, with mesmerizingly tall trees home to hundreds of bald eagle nests. Enjoy soaking in the warm waters while sipping a cool drink under the Northern Lights.

Admiralty Island:

Cruise on to Admiralty Island, where you can enjoy kayaking through the narrow coves and islets of Snug Cove, situated in Gambier Bay. The island is part of Tongass National Forest and consists of thick rainforest of spruce and hemlock, home to brown bears, Sitka black-tailed deer, migratory waterfowl, and shorebirds. The bay is also beautifully remote and an excellent place for humpback whale watching from your yacht’s hot tub.

Head on to the east side of Admiralty Island, where you will see sea lions in abundance. Drop anchor for the night in Cannery Cove, the former site of a cannery in the 1920s. This is one of the most beautiful views at low tide, offering the superb opportunity to watch the brown bears feed from the shoreline. Admiralty Island has the highest population of Brown Bears in the state and is part of the Kootznoowoo Wilderness, meaning “the Fortress of Bears.”

Tracy Arm:

Cruise through the majestic Tracy Arm peninsula, which is made up of steep rock faces surrounded by ice fields and spectacular waterfalls. At the tip of the Tracy Arm, you will find the North and South Sawyer glaciers, both calving glaciers making for a nail-biting journey. These massive walls of ice move two feet a day, grinding against each other and calving away vast chunks of their ragged faces into the sea.

Ice calving has become an exciting yacht charter attraction in Alaska, and all safety precautions are observed to ensure a safe and enjoyable cruise. Guests can even take their yacht charter kayaks out for a closer look at the vertical rock faces.

If you are considering an Alaska yacht charter, contact your chosen yacht broker today and plan your adventure of a lifetime.

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