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Champagne with Ice

Champagne with Ice


Moet & Chandon has created theMoet Ice Imperial, a refreshing new champange, that has been described as the world’s first-ever Champagne served on ice.  For me its’s a great idea, since I normally like ice with white wine.   I had a taste a few days ago and let me tell you it was delicious.







The Champagne is extremely drinkable, maybe even too drinkable, when poured over ice. The ice dilutes the carbonation and makes it basically taste like an alcoholic soda. The Champagne is on the sweeter side which I love and goes down smoothly.  Before you know it, you’ve drunk more than you planned. The sweetness, coupled with the fact that the Ice Imperial is less densely bubbled, does make it a prime candidate to serve with ice.  It’s a Champagne meant for easy summertime drinking. So next time you’re sitting outside near the pool or just want a fresh refreshment drink you might want to consider a glass of champagne with ice in it.

Moet Ice Imperial runs pretty steep at around $64 a bottle.

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