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5 Upscale Los Angeles Spots Certain to Impress Your Date

5 Upscale Los Angeles Spots Certain to Impress Your Date

Los Angeles is a town made for romantics — and not just ones on the silver screen!

Think about it: What’s more romantic than a drive through the canyons at night or wine by the beach as the sun sets? Yes, movies have captured the romance of LA through a soft lens, but luckily you can experience it for yourself. Just put on your best outfit and head out for a night on the town with someone you love.

Whether it’s a first date or a 50th anniversary, there’s no better place to start your evening than one of LA’s most romantic restaurants. Here’s our picks for the ultimate fine-dining date night:

Providence | 5955 Melrose Avenue

Courtesy of Providence

According to Zagat, this is a contender for LA’s “best restaurant.” And it’s easy to see why. For 13 years, Chef Michael Cimarusti has been providing Angelinos with the most decadent seafood in town. From the briny and complex oysters on a half shelf to the Chef’s Tasting menu, where every course will have you and your date’s mouth water and wanting more.

Spago | 176 N Canon Drive

Courtesy of Spago

The LA dining scene is synonymous with Spago. For three decades, the who’s who of Hollywood have brought their loved ones here to show them what glamor is all about. While you may think shoulder pads and pizza when you hear its name, this classic restaurant recently got a complete contemporary overhaul. Wolfgang Puck is still at the helm with a menu of locally sourced fare, like Snake River Farms American “wagyu” rib eye steak.

Mélisse | 1104 Wilshire Boulevard

Courtesy of Mélisse

Over the last 12 years, this singular restaurant helmed by Chef Josiah Citrin has been in the Top 40 restaurants in the U.S. That’s some great cache to impress a date. The nondescript exterior of this Santa Monica eatery belies the chic and sophisticated interior of what Eater LA calls “a white tablecloth watershed against street food, strip mall dining, and the influx of casual upscale places that forego the pomp and turn up the music.” The menu consists of 4, 7, and 10 courses which involve haute items like foie gras, caviar, and truffle risotto.

La Boucherie | 900 Wilshire Boulevard

Courtesy of La Boucherie

What’s more romantic than dining with a view? If you and your partner grow tired of gazing into each other’s eyes over La Boucherie’s renown steaks that seemingly melt in your mouth or their famed charcuterie and cheese boards, you can gaze out onto the twinkling lights of downtown Los Angeles from 70 stories above the city.

Osteria Mozza | 6602 Melrose Avenue

Courtesy of Osteria Mozza

Nothing says romance more than Italy. And here, you can cozy up and feel like you’re on a trip to Tuscany. Nancy Silverton, while not from Italy, has finely honed “la dulce vita” at this popular spot. Smell the bread baking in the oven, watch the candles flicker against the warm wood and marble bar, and taste the vibrant sauces lovingly poured over handmade pasta.

Note: This is a guest post by Candace Schaffer; the views and opinions expressed are those of the author. Candice Schaffer works at Knightsbridge Park, a leading digital marketing firm for luxury real estate brands such as Madison Realty Capital, Algin Management, Brooklyn Point, 70 Charlton and The Greenwich Lane

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  1. Oh, that view from La Boucherie!! These all sound fantastic and upscale. LA is definitely a major player on the food scene. Would love to try the rib eye at Spago or the pasta at Osteria Mozza!

    • Carmen Edelson

      Both the rib eye and pasta are heavenly so leave room for both 😉

  2. I’ve never heard of these places before but they should great! Thanks for putting this together!

    • Carmen Edelson

      I’m happy to share, Krystin!

  3. All of those places look incredible! I’ll have to remember these spots once I start dating again 😉

    • Carmen Edelson

      Yes, write them down!

  4. Used to live in LA (well, Venice Beach) long ago, and my how things have changed. Always was a foodie scene, but seems a few chefs have upgraded the fare. Might have to find my way back there for a proper taste test. And gotta love that view from La Boucherie.

    • Carmen Edelson

      It’s certainly changed… and quickly too!

  5. Ruthie Ridley

    I love your posts! They certainly help me dream of the finer things in life!

    • Carmen Edelson

      Aw, thank you so much!

  6. All five of your restaurants sound fantastic! I would expect nothing less from you. 😉 In all of my LA trips, I cannot believe that we never went to Spago. ;(

    • Carmen Edelson

      That’s okay, now you have a reason to return 😉

  7. These all sound wonderful! Since I’m a steak lover I’d want to experience La Boucherie first!

    • Carmen Edelson

      That is certainly the place to go if you love steak!

  8. Renata

    These places look great – I would go straight to La Boucherie for the meal and for the view. The Mélisse certainly looks posh, but the portion on the picture sort of leaves me hungry 😉

    • Carmen Edelson

      That’s one plate out of several courses luckily!

  9. Incredible places! Thanks for sharing!

    • Carmen Edelson

      You’re welcome, Anna! Happy to share these great spots.

  10. ahh these look amazing!! I can’t wait to get back to LA and try a few!

    • Carmen Edelson

      Thanks for reading, Rachel!

  11. Alex

    Omg these places look amazing!!!

    • Carmen Edelson

      I know, so many amazing places to choose from!

  12. Thena Franssen

    Great list. LA is on my bucket list to visit, and when I do, I’ll be prepared with some totally cool spots to check out!

    • Carmen Edelson

      Thanks, Thena! I’m glad to hear it.

  13. I’ve been to LA countless times and can’t believe I’ve never heard of any of these! I mean… La Boucherie looks AMAZING!!! I’m such a sucker for dining with a view so definitely checking that out the next time I’m back!

    • Carmen Edelson

      I’m a sucker for a good view as well, Jas!

  14. These are some cool looking spots! Thanks for sharing!

    • Carmen Edelson

      You’re very welcome, Sarah!

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