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Top Five Golf Courses in Palm Beach that You Must Play on Your Christmas Vacation

Top Five Golf Courses in Palm Beach that You Must Play on Your Christmas Vacation


Palm Beach is home to sun-soaked beaches, great restaurants, stunning five-star resorts and—most importantly—over 150 unique golf courses. The continually gorgeous weather and diverse course selection makes Palm Beach a year-round golfer’s paradise, and an ideal destination for a Christmas Vacation. Golfer’s of all skill-levels are represented here, so every kind of links-enthusiast will find an array of choices. And if you’d like to bring your A-game to that course, take some inspiration from Rory McIlroy’s workout routine. But with so many options, it can be tough to decide on which courses, specifically, are the most impressive, and the most worth your time. This is where we come in. What follows are the top five golf courses in Palm Beach that you must play on your Christmas Vacation:

The Breakers Ocean Course | 1 South Country Rd.

As the oldest 18-hole golf course in all of Florida, The Breakers Ocean Course is a tried and true classic in every sense of the word. Redesigned in 2000 by famed architect Brian Silva, the classic elements of the original design were mixed with some contemporary features to update the course while still honoring its rich past. As one may expect by its name, the course is situated right on the Atlantic Ocean, with stunning views and an incredibly refreshing breeze wafting in off the water. It is one of the most impressive courses around from an aesthetic standpoint—the whole expanse is beautiful, and the course itself is challenging, impeccably designed and very well laid out.

Breakers Golf Course (Image : New York Golfing Magazine)
Breakers Golf Course (Image : New York Golfing Magazine)
The Breakers Rees Jones Course (Image: Rees Jones Inc)
The Breakers Rees Jones Course (Image: Rees Jones Inc)

The Champion- PGA National | 400 Avenue of the Champions

PGA National is one of the most well-known golf resorts on the planet. It is home to five courses, but the most impressive, and one of the most well-known courses in the state, is The Champion. The Champion was redesigned by Jack Nicklaus and is the course of the Honda Classic PGA Tour event. It’s a vibrant and challenging course that seasoned golfers searching for a true test will adore. Karen Crouse of the New York Times called it, “7140 yards of venom, a king cobra of a course that rises without warning to strike down the world’s best golfers.” This is not a course for beginners, although they do have five tee positions so being a great golfer is not exactly a pre-requisite—but nonetheless, it is advised. The course itself is remarkably well-designed and maintained as every inch of the 7000+ yards is in pristine condition.

The Champion PGA National course No. 3 (Image: PGA Resort)
The Champion PGA National course No. 3 (Image: PGA Resort)
PGA Champion course No. 1 (Image: PGA Resort)
PGA Champion course No. 1 (Image: PGA Resort)

West Palm Beach Golf Course | 7001 Parker Avenue

Another well very known and respected destination, West Palm Beach Golf Course has been one of the top courses in the Florida for over 60 years. The layout is decidedly different from other courses in the area as it is waterless and boasts a unique layout with remarkable landscape work and brilliant expanses of rolling hills. The course is difficult but accessible for most skill-levels due to its varied tee locations. Through and through it’s a distinct course with an abundance of character.

West Palm Beach Golf Course (Image: WPB Golf Course)
West Palm Beach Golf Course (Image: WPB Golf Course)
West Palm Beach Golf Course Fifth Hole (Image: trip advisor)
West Palm Beach Golf Course Fifth Hole (Image: tripadvisor)

North Palm Beach Country Club- Jack Nicklaus Signature Course | 951 U.S. 1

The aforementioned Jack Nicklaus is widely regarded as one of the greatest golfers to ever swing a club—and many would argue he is the greatest. The signature course he designed at North Palm Beach Country club is only the second signature Nicklaus course in the US. It’s a links-style course that coalesces wonderfully with the natural surroundings—the entire flow of the course is a thing of beauty. With large, lush fairways, expansive vistas, immaculate greens and the bordering Intracoastal Waterway, every element of this course is top notch.

North Palm Beach Country Club ( Image: Village NPB Club)
North Palm Beach Country Club ( Image: Village NPB Club)
North Palm Beach Country club (Image: Minor League Golf)
North Palm Beach Country club (Image: Minor League Golf)

Abacoa | 105 Barbados Drive

Opened in 1999 and designed by well-known course architect Joe Lee, Abacoa is a great course for all skill-levels. It’s challenging, but not overtly, so, which places it right in the sweet spot for newbies and scratch golfer’s alike. And the course itself is stunning, with long sprawling fairways, pristine lakes, lush greens and vibrant vegetation scattered throughout. The greens use TifEagle grass, which is one of the best around and it shows in the consistent quality throughout the 18 holes. Overall, a great atmosphere and a great course.

Abacoa Golf Club (Image: Abacoa Golf Club)
Abacoa Golf Club (Image: Abacoa Golf Club)
Abacoa Golf Club (Image: Abacoa)
Abacoa Golf Club (Image: Abacoa)

Christmas in Palm Beach is a sun-infused affair—it’s beautiful. The golf is world-class, the beaches are serene, the food is great and the resorts are luxurious. But they do fill up fast. If you’d love to enjoy the beauty of Palm Beach whenever you so desire, beat the crowds to one of the stunning new condos set to arise in area: The Bristol.  A permanent residence means no more hassle booking a room—you can enjoy some of the best golf in the world whenever you choose.


Note: This is a guest post by Candace Schaffer; the views and opinions expressed are those of the author. 

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  3. Brooke
    May 13, 2017 at 9:12 am

    Amazing list! One of the most beautiful courses I have ever seen was El Dorado in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! Something about a pristine green turf overlooking the ocean is mesmerizing to me! I was reading some great essays recently from people who are as passionate about the tee as you seem yo be. You can check them out here: Golf Essay

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    My dad and brother have been working on playing a variety of golf courses in Florida. I will have to give them this list for reference! Thanks for sharing!

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  6. Cark
    April 22, 2018 at 12:38 pm

    Played West balm beach and it was amazing, some of the others are on my golf bucket list.

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      I hope you get to enjoy all the ones on your list 🙂

  7. Michael
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    These look so beautiful. Thanks for sharing, I’ll save that list.

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    These golf courses are mind relaxing. Palm beach seems an ideal place to play golf

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      It’s a beautiful place to stay and golf!

  9. Golf Guy
    June 4, 2018 at 5:47 pm

    How would you rate the town of Palm Beach for a “guys golf trip”? Is the nightlife up to par (no pun intended) or is it a more laid back atmosphere?

    • Carmen Edelson
      June 7, 2018 at 3:30 pm

      It’s a bit of both actually! Plenty nightlife options though, I wouldn’t worry 🙂

  10. Carmen Edelson
    June 16, 2018 at 2:37 pm

    I agree, it’s incredible!

  11. Matt S
    October 12, 2018 at 9:33 pm

    I’m planning a golf trip with some buddies, and The Champion looks awesome! I don’t think it will be hard to convince the others that we should play there. Thanks for this post!
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      You’re so welcome, Matt! Have a great time 🙂

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    Amazing place. These are all beautiful courses. I love the views, very relaxing. I will add this on my list. I can’t wait to play golf here. Thanks for sharing.

    • Carmen Edelson
      October 22, 2018 at 4:41 pm

      If you are a golf lover, than you will enjoy playing in any of these golf courses.

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      You’re very welcome!

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    • Carmen Edelson
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      They are all excellent choices!

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      They really are!

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