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How to Experience Luxury Around the World

How to Experience Luxury Around the World


Luxury means different things to different people, or to the same people at different times. For a new parent, it be may be the deep pleasure of a morning spent sleeping in. For someone who’s been calorie counting, it may be a sumptuous dinner. For someone who works hard at a job, it may be a precious week off with no one to answer to. Or for anyone who lives in a big city, it may just be getting out into the open air and enjoying the beauty of nature.

Whatever your bliss is, you can indulge it in Niagara Falls. Day or night, indoors or out, you’ll find what you’re looking for in this sightseeing and recreational area that is home to the three spectacular waterfalls that comprise one of the great natural wonders of North America.

If you’d like luxury accommodations, there are hotels in Niagara Falls, Canada with first-class resort amenities designed to pamper you. If you’d prefer something more intimate, there are quaint bed and breakfast inns, too. The city has a score of fine dining restaurants featuring locally sourced ingredients, as well as many spots specializing in world cuisine. There’s also a vibrant nightlife.

For the adventuresome, there are exhilarating sports available both on water and on land, as well as a number of ways to tour the city and the beautiful surrounding countryside. And if all you crave is to kick back and enjoy the famed Canadian friendliness, you can relax in one of Niagara Falls’ many pubs with a pint of Moosehead Lager and a big bowl of poutine, Canada’s national dish. 

Here are some of the highlights you might enjoy:

Experience The Falls

There are four ways to do it, and it’s a must no matter which you choose. 

  • High and dry: This is the really luxurious way to go, from a helicopter that gives you a panoramic aerial view of the falls and the vistas beyond.
  • Wet and wild: The classic way to experience the falls is to cruise on the famous Maid of the Mist tour boat into the basin of the Horseshoe Falls. Those iconic yellow rain ponchos are included in the price of admission. 
  • Up close and personal: The Niagara Parks Journey Behind the Falls takes you 150 feet down to a series of tunnels that bring you to the brink of the powerful wall of water crashing down from above.
  • And for the daring: If you’re up for it, you can soar 220 feet (67 meters) above the Niagara River Gorge on a breathtaking zipline ride over the falls that will give you a day’s worth of thrills in minutes. 

Hit The Road On Two Wheels

A lovely way to take in the natural beauty of the region is on one of its many cycling trails. There are more than 200 trails, catering to riders of every level. Named one of the top ten cycling routes in the world is the Niagara Parkway, stretching 36 miles (58 km) along the Canadian side of the Niagara River. Take a picnic lunch or stop along the way at one of the dozens of wineries with tasting rooms set amid acres of lush vineyards.

Explore The Trails

Somewhat off the beaten path are the Niagara Gorge trails which offer 6.8 miles (11 km) of glorious views. Hike them on your own or take a comfortably paced guided hiking tour through the pristine, old-growth forest of Niagara Glen. If you want a real workout, try the Niagara Glen Bouldering Trail. 

Play 18 Holes

The Niagara Falls area boasts dozens of golf courses from those suitable for beginners to those designed to challenge the most experienced players. Unparalleled views add to the pleasure of spending a few hours perfecting your swing and forgetting the rest of the world. 

Enjoy A Day On The Water

If you’re ready for some excitement, you can take a kayak trip on a fast-moving current. If you want to take it a little slower, you can enjoy an idyllic afternoon outing on the Niagara River via canoe or river raft. 

Take In The Night Life

There’s plenty to do after the sun goes down, with your choice of two bustling casinos offering gaming along with comedy shows and live entertainment with headline stars. And speaking of stars, the clear Canadian nighttime sky is made for star-gazing and you might even catch a glimpse of the aurora borealis. 

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