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#MASKTOGETHER and Do Good with these Stylish Looks

#MASKTOGETHER and Do Good with these Stylish Looks


If you ask 50 parents what the hardest part of raising kids during a pandemic is, you’re bound to get 50 different answers, from handling homeschooling to dealing with newfound fears—and the accompanying nightly request for extra cuddles. However, what all parents can agree on is that the new normal of wearing a mask in public is one of the harder adjustments for kids of all ages.

Unfortunately, that’s doubly true when the masks you’ve bought or made for them are uncomfortable, or—gasp!—don’t go with what they’re wearing. The good news? One of the most beloved baby brands in the world, Petunia Pickle Bottom, has recently pivoted to create soft, comfortable, and stylish masks from their surplus fabric in sizes that are perfect for parents and kids alike.

The masks, which feature Petunia Pickle Bottom’s gorgeous prints, from geometric and tribal-inspired patterns to fun florals, are the perfect complement to the brand’s stylish diaper bags, backpacks, and organizers, which have been spotted on everyone from Instagram tastemakers to celebrities like Sheryl Crow and Sandra Bullock.

However, picking up a pack of the masks—which come in four-packs for kids, four-packs for adults, and eight-packs that contain both sizes for families—does more than just protect your loved ones at home. While Petunia’s masks make it possible for families with children to stay safe without commandeering the N95 masks necessary for frontline workers, that’s far from their only benefit outside of the security they provide; the brand is also donating a pack of masks to those in need for every one purchased on the company’s site.

“We’re so proud to be working with nonprofit organization Baby2Baby, which will provide a pack of masks that Petunia Pickle Bottom will donate to a family in need for every pack purchased on our website—as of today, we’ve donated thousands of masks, and hope those numbers keep rising,” says Petunia Pickle Bottom CEO and President Ian Schaffer.

Of course, parents quarantining with their kids know that it’s not just masks parents need to bring with them these days—from hand sanitizer to disinfectant spray to face wipes to changes of clothes, moms and dads are packing their bags with more gear than ever lately. Luckily, Petunia Pickle Bottom has an elegant solution for parents who aren’t keen on heading out schlepping an oversized—and overflowing—tote bag with them all day.

The company’s District Backpack in Shadow is perfect for carrying everything you need without breaking your back to do so. The bag is light, features integrated stroller straps, and comes complete with a packing cube, bottle carrier, and removable, washable changing pad. Better yet, the bag features an insulated front pocket with a PEVA antimicrobial lining, perfect for stashing those dropped pacifiers and outfits that could use at least a few cycles in the wash—and yes, to the delight of parents everywhere, you can toss the backpack in the washing machine along with those worse-for-wear duds. And thanks to its dark hue, the bag looks stylish with any outfit while being completely forgiving in terms of stains.


While navigating the new normal with your kids may still take a while to perfect, it’s easier than you think if you’re armed with the right accessories. From comfy masks to bags that hold all of your must-have items and then some, Petunia Pickle Bottom’s got you covered with family-friendly essentials that will help you make sense of this brave new frontier—and look great while doing it.

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