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How to Wear Athletic Apparel to the Office, Store and Everywhere Else

How to Wear Athletic Apparel to the Office, Store and Everywhere Else


In a perfect world, you could wear your comfortable and stretchy workout gear straight from the gym to your office, as well as to run errands, head to a playdate or pretty much anywhere else.

Here’s some great news: With some careful planning, you can wear your athletic apparel for more than just a workout at the gym or a jog around your neighborhood. For tips on how to make this fashion dream happen, consider the following:

Shop for Basic Pieces that are Comfortable Yet Versatile

Photo courtesy of Columbia Sportswear

While you might not want to wear a sweatshirt to the office, you can certainly get away with jackets that have a more fitted look and which you can pull off while hiking or attending an all-team meeting.

For instance, the Women’s Hillsdale Spring Reversible Jacket from Columbia is made from omni-tech waterproof and breathable fabric that provides plenty of insulation when out walking, jogging or hiking. It also features a stylishly rib cuffed collar and sleeves, as well as a removable hood that’s ideal for the office or when out shopping. The jacket’s reversible option also lets you change the look and color of your jacket on the fly.

Choose Classic Prints Over Wild Patterns

Yes, you love wearing geometric and colorful leggings to your yoga class. But if you show up to work in these comfy-style pants, your boss may give you the stink eye. To make your fitness gear practical for work, experts suggest shopping for pants in colors and fabrics that work in both a professional setting and the gym.

For instance, shop for apparel made from materials that are also used to make traditional work pants. Skip the wild patterns if you know you’re heading straight to the office or having lunch with your mother-in-law, and choose tailored workout pants in a herringbone or tweed pattern.

Add Some Key Accessories

Adding some nice pieces of jewelry, a scarf or other fashionable accessories can help any workout attire look less like you belong in the gym and more like you’re headed to the office or to run errands. As such, pair neutral leggings and a tailored T-shirt with a colorful bracelet and classic pearl earrings, and pull your hair back with a scarf. These accessories can be kept in your purse or a gym bag and can easily be added to your outfit before you arrive at the office or a movie with your spouse.

Choose Shoes that Can Do Double Duty

There’s definitely no shortage of super flashy and colorful athletic shoes that scream “I’m exercising!” But you can also find sneakers that feature a single neutral color like black, brown or grey that will support your feet during a workout and not draw too much attention as you go through the rest of your day. Now, if the shoes come with neon laces, you can always switch those out to a matching color.

Granted, you won’t want to hike up a muddy trail and then head to a nice lunch with your BFF; after all, your shoes should look clean and in great shape if you intend to wear them all day. But if your exercise is usually done indoors or in dry conditions, you should be able to pair them with other outfits and no one will be the wiser.

Enjoy Being Stylish and Comfortable All Day

It’s great to know devoted fitness fans can, more often than not, find ways to make their comfortable workout gear fit in with their overall wardrobe. By looking for versatile pieces that look professional, toning down the colors and patterns, and looking for footwear that will work at the gym and the office, you can definitely live your best life in workout apparel that can be worn all day.

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    • Carmen Edelson
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      Both are great options!

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      I’m so glad you found it helpful!

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