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Seattle Port Guide: What to Do When Cruising From Seattle, Washington

Seattle Port Guide: What to Do When Cruising From Seattle, Washington


Local Seattle residents are lucky to have access to one of the most unique cruise ports in the country. For travelers, there are many amazing opportunities to explore Seattle before departing on your cruise vacation. From the Space Needle to Emerald Landing, there are many impressive attractions to see across the area. In this article, we will share things to do before departing from the Seattle cruise port.

What Locals Need to Do Before Traveling

Before traveling out of the Seattle port, make sure that you are prepared for your time away. If you have your own yacht, consider keeping your yacht in a freshwater moorage. Oftentimes, this option is much cleaner and safer than the alternative. After picking the prime location for your boat, take the opportunity to do things in the city that you do not get to do often. For example, visit a new restaurant, trendy bar, or activity center that sounds enjoyable to you.

What Should Visitors See During Their Time In Seattle?

Seattle is such an amazing city. Due to its unique proximity to Alaska and Canada, it offers tourists the opportunity to travel to unique travel destinations. Seattle is one of the few ports that offers cruises that travel through the Pacific Northwest, Canada, and Alaska. 

Although Seattle is just a starting point, view it as an additional destination for your trip. When you arrive, take the opportunity to travel through the Pike Place Market. This market is home to many vendors that sell unique foods and souvenirs to travelers. After visiting this market, try the infamous clam chowder that can be found in restaurants around the city. From there, consider visiting the Space Needle, the downtown district, or a nearby national or state park. With so many large mountains in close proximity, there are many places that allow you to see immense beauty. 

People often enjoy taking the opportunity to eat amazing seafood during their time in Seattle. In addition to the attractions listed above, people enjoy venturing to see the Ballard Locks, Chihuly Gardens, the Pop Culture Museum, and Bainbridge. Travelers can connect to Bainbridge via a 45-minute ferry ride.

Destinations to Visit From Seattle

Alaska and the Pacific Northwest:

Typically, travelers based in Seattle cruise through the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. Alaskan cruises often last 10 days, giving travelers the ability to ice fish, snowmobile, eat salmon, and explore national parks. These once in a lifetime journeys are adored by both Seattle locals and travel gurus. When exploring the Pacific Northwest, travelers often have the capability to see British Columbia.


Various cruise ships port in regions of Canada. From British Columbia to Victoria to Vancouver, cruises often allow people to see the beauty that is found in the western regions of Canada.

Whether you are a Seattle resident or a foreign traveler, take the opportunity to make the port town of Seattle an essential part of your itinerary. If you are local to the area, you must take the opportunity to enjoy your city and take care of your belongings during your time away.

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