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The Most Stylish & Durable Luxury Travel Luggage: Sterling Pacific Review

The Most Stylish & Durable Luxury Travel Luggage: Sterling Pacific Review


If you or someone in your life travels quite frequently, whether for work or leisure, then you should understand the importance of durable luggage. And if you’re like me, you also want something that looks beautiful and stands out! I discovered Sterling Pacific recently and was absolutely blown away with the quality and craftsmanship of their luggage. So far, they only have 2 products but it’s all about quality vs quantity with Sterling Pacific. Trust me, they are experts when it comes to making chic yet reliable suitcases.

Where did it all begin with Sterling Pacific? Their origins dates back to 1907 when Richard Herz and his brother, Carl Otto, registered the company to open up their business, initially with a focus on fine jewelry and watches. The Herz family were natives of Leipzig in Germany, but arrived in Nevada after years of travel, having worked all across Europe before making the journey across the Atlantic. They settled in Nevada and are remembered to this day as true Nevada pioneers, as they built their business to become a local staple over decades, known for their commitment to excellence.

In the 21st century, the corporation has been renamed Sterling Pacific and now Galton Voysey is the head brand developer who decided to launch a new line of aluminum suitcases. These products are very much inspired by the travel and legacy of the Herz family, just under the Sterling Pacific banner now.

Sterling Pacific

I chose their 35L Cabin Travel Case which is their carry-on size option. At around $1,000 to start, these suitcases are as high end as you can get but I promise you are not just paying for aesthetics. The price is absolutely justified once you realize everything that goes into making these pieces. Sterling Pacific manufactures their full aluminum cases from alloys used in the construction of aircraft and aerospace engineering… so their durability is guaranteed! Their suitcases are also supported by dual thru axle wheels and a full-aluminum construction including the wheel and trolley housings.

There is no doubt that Sterling Pacific suitcases are the most heavy duty ones on the market, designed by a team of American and European workers. Speaking of Europe, my favorite aspect of my 35L Cabin Travel Case has to be the full-grain Italian leather handles. These beautiful handles are handcrafted from leather by an independent tannery based out of the small town of Chiampo in the Italian region of Veneto. I love knowing these details too about my luggage and it makes everything feel more worldly which is fitting for a piece of travel equipment. Also, this leather is the most durable grade used in long-lasting upholstery because Italian aniline full-grain leather develops a natural patina over time as opposed to wearing out. So I can count on the handles to be just as durable as the suitcase itself. As far as safety, Sterling Pacific luggage is equipped with TSA double combination latch locks. And the dual thru axle wheels sit perfectly into the body of the case to be able to take higher forces of impact.

As far as the interiors, my Sterling Pacific carry-on is covered with ring spun twill weave lining inside and my contents can be secured with the interjecting buckle straps. Amenities can also be stored in the mesh pocked on the lid. If you want to purchase their 80L Check-In Travel Case, that one also comes with two shoe pockets. Despite which suitcase you choose, you can expect each one to comes with a Sterling Pacific Amenity & Care Kit which consists of an amenity bag, leather care wax and cloth, travel case manual and aluminum pen. I’m also every happy that they give each travel case a Batch Identification Number engraved onto the exterior frame and pressed onto the leather logo patch inside. They provide a warranty covering defects in the workmanship of the case too.

Sterling Pacific has my vote of confidence for the most stylish and durable suitcases in the luxury travel market. Their products would make for an incredible gift for your travel partner or loved one as well. Learn more about Sterling Pacific and their impressive craftsmanship and ingenuity here.

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