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The 5 Most Popular Ray Ban Models Ever Made

The 5 Most Popular Ray Ban Models Ever Made

Ray Ban, the iconic eyewear brand, is over 80 years old and still never out of style! At some point, across different generations, almost everyone has owned a pair of the stylish and practical glasses. The American brand has dominated the eyewear industry and survived fierce competition because of their high quality, eye-protection technology, sleek designs, and affordable prices. But if you have never owned a Ray Ban before, we advise you to choose from the 5 all-time popular Ray Ban models ever made.


It is the initial design that started the buzz! Like every great invention, there was a pressing need behind it. World War II Pilots needed a shelter from the pinching headaches and nausea caused by the uncomfortable sun glare as they reach high altitudes. And voila! The Aviator teardrop framed design was born in 1937 to be followed by the addition of a top bar connecting the two lenses to prevent sweat from pouring down the eyes of athletes, architects, and hunters. The sporty Aviator design is suitable for all face-shapes especially the oval shaped face and the square face as the design balance out the wideness of the jawlines. 


Released in 1952, Ray Ban labelled the wayfarer “the legend” due its bold design and massive popularity that kept seeping up as many more stars, including Michael Jackson, have been spotted wearing them. Both the aviator and wayfarer have fixated Ray Ban as the-go-to sunglasses for an effortlessly stylish look. There are many designs to the wayfarer that are unisex and goes with almost all outfits as they are offered in different colors. The non-polarized lenses guarantees protection from the uninvited UV damage to the eyes. The Wayfarer geometrical design brings more definition to round faces which help create the illusion of a longer, more sharp face.

The Clubmaster

Perfect for sporting a 50s vintage aesthetic, the clubmaster is the number one choice for prescription frames. Known best for its browline design that is intensified by the dark and adverse material strategically placed on the top portion of the frame. The lenses have a squared-off round shape that still provide a sharp definition to the face but still maintain soft lines around the outer edges. The clubmaster in design gives a more serious and professional look that goes best with formal wear and serious professions. However, they are not boringly serious, they come in a variety of colors and subtle silver and gold details that shifts the design. The clubmaster works best for heart-shaped faces where the semi-rimless design smoothes out the heavy pointed chin.


If you are a serious athletic at heart and style, predator’s sleek and face-hugging design would be the best accessory to complete your look. The design was made popular by Men in Black stars Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith back in the 90s as it channeled the casual yet mysteriously dangerous vibe. The slightly curved design is suitable for all face shapes. The lenses are polarized in bright colors which makes the predator a good choice for summer outdoor activities while offering 100% UV protection. The predator has been released in different versions with slight design differences, but the most popular of all are Predator 2 and Predator 8.  


Ray Ban introduced the Signet design in 1953 with a bang for re-inventing the gold and silver frames. The classic design revolves around the two horizontal bands connected at the front corners, nose bridge, and arms. The classic gold frame is released in three lenses colors; green, brown, and copperish gold. But, if you are a fan of the design but the gold is too much for your taste, Ray Ban has introduced the black rim with silver mirror lenses. The Signet goes best for round and oval-shaped faces.

Reflect the vibe

One of the best aspects about Ray Ban is the versatility of the designs that would suit everyone’s face shape and complement their lifestyle. If you have an oval-shaped face, any style would literally look fabulous on you. If not, there are other popular designs that would. However, it goes without saying that Ray Ban has definitely left its mark on billions of people’s fashion sense worldwide. 

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