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The 10 Most Convenient Collapsible Pet Travel Bowls

The 10 Most Convenient Collapsible Pet Travel Bowls

Traveling with pets requires special items to bring along that make the trip doable. The right pet bowls are necessary for any pet you take with you on vacation, on the plane, to the beach, or anywhere else you’ll be for a long period of time. To stay as mess-free as possible while enjoying your travels is important. And possible!

Collapsible travel pet bowls work if you buy the right ones. Whether it’s a kitty cat, dog, or any other loving pet you’re bringing alone, they’ll need something clean and practical to eat and drink out of. Make it easy on them (and you) and always carry a good collapsible travel bowl. Here is our list of the most convenient ones you can find online right now!

Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture

Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture sells convenient collapsible pet bowls for only $12.99 on Amazon. These travel bowls are great for long trips or short walks. They’re ideal for food and water as well. In the photos below, you can see how they look when they collapse.

Look how flat they get! The non-porous material ensures cleanliness and you can throw them in the dishwasher for a good wash.

2Good2Go Take Out Collapsible Pet Travel Bowl

This next bowl is actually pretty awesome. It’s made out of fabric but you can use them as water bowls. This is because they’re made with “strong-sided fabric.”


The fabric is easy to wipe clean, and they’re listed at the unbelievable price of $2.59. Still, it doesn’t hurt to check out coupon sites like Knoji to see if you can find any Petco promo codes to make the price even cheaper.

3Pet Life Collapsible Travel Water and Food Pet Bowl

No more getting the bowls confused, this handy bowl set comes with a food bowl and separate water bowl. They’re both collapsible and made with waterproof nylon, so nothing is spilling out of these.


Made specifically for dogs, the Pet Life food and water bowls make it easy to take a trip with your pup. The bowls come in a pouch with a strap and clip that you can easily attach to your backpack or purse.

Northern Outback Travel Pet Bowl Set

Here’s one for the kitties! This next bowl set is ideal if you’re traveling with small pets. Though the Northern Outback Travel set works for any sized pet, not all bowls work for all pets.

Since it seems like travel bowls are always made for dogs, this is a good one to keep in mind if you’re a pet owner who travels with cats. The description said this set is also good for rabbits and other small pets. The set comes with a pouch that you can attach to anything you’re traveling with. It doesn’t take up much space and the color goes with anything.


This one is also dishwasher safe!

Collapsible Pet Silicone Bowl

If you love colorful pet accessories, check out the silicone pet bowl set from Walmart.

These simple pet bowls have a cute dog design as well as a heart cut-out on the handle. These are for the true dog lover! Take these everywhere you guys go together.

Tall Collapsible Pet Bowl/Carrier

Most bowls come in single serving size, but you can also get a larger sized collapsible pet bowl that doubles as a carrier for large amounts of food.

The tall collapsible pet bowl is a useful travel bowl set that comes with a pouch to carry it in.

You can find good coupons at aforementioned Knoji and also RetailMeNot for MiniInTheBox!

Beco Bowl

Beco has the cutest branding when it comes to pet stuff. They sell rope toys, toy balls, dog toys, and lots more with that cute little bear on the packaging. Now they offer a collapsible pet bowl perfect for any occasion.

It’s made from silicone which means it’s non-toxic. Beco is big on environmental health, so they believe in creating products that are biodegradable, BPA & phylaphate-free, and made with natural materials.

Ruffwear Quencher

Hydration is so important for our pets. This is why Ruffwear made a convenient collapsible water bowl. This product is made specifically to keep your dog hydrated.

Sold are REI, this collapsible bowl is a quality product made for quenching any dog’s thirst. It’s stable bottom design means it can be used anywhere, including in a vehicle. The materials used are environmentally conscious recycled polyester. This thing is waterproof so it won’t be spilling from the seams. Unlike the other dishwasher safe collapsible bowls on the list, this one is machine washable.

REI is awesome but since they sell such high quality stuff, it can be expensive. So, before you shop check out Groupon since they’re always offering pretty good deals on REI items.

Foldable Pet Bowl

Taking up the smallest space is probably the foldable pet bowl from iHeartDogs.

This waterproof bowl is useful for on-the-go and it folds up in the most small and discreet way. This smaller water bowl is travel sized for those that are going on short trips or don’t mind multiple water breaks along the way.

Stand Up Collapsible Bowl

Here’s one that’s pretty nice. If your dog loves stand up food and water bowls, this collapsible stand up bowl might be the choice for you. It stands up for a stable eating and drinking session and then collapses to a flattened version that can easily fit in your backpack or larger sized purse. This is great for hotels where you can just pull it out and leave it out as long as your stay. It could also be the permanent water and food bowl you use at home that you take with you when you travel. It comes in a few different fun colors, to choose the one that matches your home or the one that catches your eye. There’s many options with this one!


Collapsible pet bowls is just where it’s at. No more cleaning up spilled water or trying to put kibble on napkins you had in your purse. Collapsible bowls are a stress-reliever when it comes to pet care. It’s time to enjoy your time with your loved companion and stop worrying about messes and pet accessories that take up space. Now go out and have fun with Rover or Fluffy!





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  1. I wish I had a pet! I would love to use any of these products! They seem really convenient and perfect for travel, even a quick road trip.

    • Carmen Edelson

      They are so convenient!

  2. Carol Colborn

    I have never had pets. They would be difficult to have them while traveling and just as difficult leaving them behind. But any if these things, I imagine, would surely help!

    • Carmen Edelson

      It’s hard to leave my two sweet doggies behind!

  3. Wow!
    Really great post. Thanks for sharing this article with us.

    • Carmen Edelson

      You’re very welcome, Niclole 🙂

  4. I love my silicon collapsable pet bowl. Although I got it when Hazel was a puppy and she needs a bigger one! This list had come at the right time!

    • Carmen Edelson

      So glad to hear that, Lara! Hazel is such a cute name.

  5. Such a helpful post!! I need one for my dog!

    • Carmen Edelson

      So glad to hear that, Christine! Let me know which one you end up picking.

  6. It’s sadly been a while since I’ve needed one of these, but things have definitely improved since I had to wrap up the normal bowl in a bin bag to take it one the road. Great to see there’s so much choice, and something I will definitely remember when we have the pleasure of a bounding hazard on four paws again.

    • Carmen Edelson

      Ha! I remember those days.

  7. Very interesting, I’ve never travelled with any of the dogs, they’re a nightmare just at the park, I think it would a bad move taking them overseas!
    josh recently posted…A Whole Bunch of Foods You Thought Were Vegan but Aren’tMy Profile

    • Carmen Edelson

      Haha, some are much easier than others 😉

  8. Katie

    These look like great designs! I have a cat and the thought of having to travel with him eventually fills me with anxiety, but I can imagine one of these being incredibly useful!

    • Carmen Edelson

      They really are so useful, Katie!

  9. Kerri

    We use a number of these types of bowls for our labrador already. They really are very useful and do save a lot of space, allowing me even to carry them in my handbag sometimes.

    • Carmen Edelson

      Yes, I love the convenience!

  10. Hello Carmen!
    An amazing post must say. These products are just so awesome. Every dog will love this and it will make it so convenient to travel. No doubt traveling with your pet seems a huge responsibility that you have to go with their routine or proper diet. These stuff will definately make it easy to feed them no matter where or when.
    Thank you for sharing this post.

    • Carmen Edelson

      I’m glad you enjoyed it! I’m all about convenience, especially when it comes to our four-legged friends. I have two myself!

    • Carmen Edelson

      Thank you for reading!

  11. Nice post. really helpfull post
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      Thank you so much for reading!

  12. A really nice input. These products are necessary for our pets comfort during travelling. Great article!

    • Carmen Edelson

      Yes absolutely!

    • Carmen Edelson

      Thank you for reading, Jacob 🙂

  13. i think its an useful post who travel frequently with their pet.
    I have one dog and two cat. and i am really happy with them.

    Thanks Carmen for your useful post.
    Roise Tran recently posted…How To Store Hay For Rabbits?My Profile

    • Carmen Edelson

      I’m so glad to hear it!

  14. Thank you for this article, it’s enlightening i must say, now i know what to do whenever i plan on traveling with my dog
    Emily Kane recently posted…Best human food to fatten up a dog: Top 5 best dry dog food to gain weightMy Profile

    • Carmen Edelson

      Wishing you happy travels with your pet, Emily!

  15. Thanks Carmen for this post. I use a collapisble bowl when i travel with my pets and they work great!
    Charlotte recently posted…Is Straw Safe for Hamsters?My Profile

    • Carmen Edelson

      That’s great to hear, Charlotte!

  16. Good Info, Thanks FOr the article i am definitely going to buy silicone pet bowl set…
    thanks you plz share amazon link i am not able to find…
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    • Carmen Edelson

      Happy to hear that, Sam!

  17. Wow! Nice! Thanks for sharing!

    • Carmen Edelson

      Of course!

  18. These are so beautiful, portable and convenient, I am sure dogs would love them and enjoy eating from them during travels and pet owners would also be relieved as having one worry less.
    Aca Baranton recently posted…Managing your Pet’s Thunderstorm and Noise PhobiasMy Profile

    • Carmen Edelson

      Yes absolutely!

  19. It turned out great! Love the idea!
    PetGuru recently posted…Pure Balance Grain Free Wet Dog Food (Best Options)My Profile

    • Carmen Edelson


  20. i just love this

    • Carmen Edelson

      I appreciate it!

  21. Hi Carmen,

    Thanks for sharing such a helpful article. I would love to have one. I think my dog would enjoy to eat from them during travels.
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    • Carmen Edelson

      I’m so happy to hear that – enjoy!

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