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Santorini in the Fall: What to Know For a Dreamy Stay

Santorini in the Fall: What to Know For a Dreamy Stay


The charming whitewashed houses with the distinctive cubic shape standing on volcanic land, the blue-domed churches overlooking the vastness of the Aegean Sea, and the heart-stopping sunsets are components of a delightful recipe that make Santorini a popular holiday destination. What is impressive about this Greek island, though, is that it is unbelievably hypnotising even after the summer months, providing its guests with unparalleled experiences. And, between us, Santorini is much more wish-gratifying after the summer crowds are gone and we move on to autumn. 

Why is Santorini a Superb Getaway Option in the Fall?

The weather is still fantastic and warm enough even for a swim in September (and many times, in October), the bars, clubs, restaurants, and other entertainment options are still operating, and the local sites are more fun to explore without mingling with thousands of other people at the same time. As for the gorgeous sunset views, they are nonetheless a magical spectacle year-round. So, if you are planning an October trip to Santorini, rest assured that you will receive the same pampering and enjoy soul-pleasing experiences as if visiting the island during the hot tourist season. The best part of this escapade? That you get to live it all to the fullest, skipping the hordes of tourists!

To help make this trip memorable, here are some handy key tips and information:

  • What to pack for a fall trip to Santorini?

If you are used to the weather of Northern Europe, then you may need to pack your swimsuit. You see, the average temperature in Santorini in the month of October is around 73 degrees Fahrenheit (23 Celsius) , while it may get as hot as 82 degrees Fahrenheit (28 Celsius) or even 86 degrees Fahrenheit (30 Celsius)! So, you will definitely need a suitcase with summery clothes and perhaps a light jacket for the evening hours when the Meltemi wind blows. Other than that, anything from t-shirts to shorts is more than suitable as it will feel literally like a June in London!

  • What fall activities can you do in Santorini?

Practically everything you would do during a summer visit. As already mentioned, the sun is still warm and glorious, enabling all sorts of endeavours, from sunbathing and swimming to sightseeing. Also, all the dining facilities, hotels, and entertainment venues are still fully operational. What is not the same, which is actually to your benefit, is the excessively large groups of visitors that swarm the island in June, July, and August.  

Eventually, October allows you to have big portions of the volcanic shores all for yourself while taking delight in adventures like sightseeing, hiking, touring other Cyclades islands, wine-tasting, and fine dining with more comfort and exclusivity. Plus, the lesser crowds may mean better and more detailed attention to your needs, and perhaps even better service now that the local business people are more relaxed from serving the thousands of tourists of the previous months. This more laid-back sensation is all over Santorini in October, from the cobbled streets to the amazing sunset spots, such as Imerovigli and Oia. Indeed, the ambience is captivating around this time of the year.  

  • Where to stay in Santorini in the fall? 

Photo courtesy of Kivotos Santorini

There is no restriction here. All the luxury hotels and resorts, like Kivotos Santorini, are offering their elite services and world-class hospitality to October guests. Nevertheless, since the island is preparing to slow down its rhythms, you may want to stay somewhere close to the island capital (that would be Thira or Fira – for a more vibrant night scene) or Imerovigli (for breathtaking sunset and caldera views and seascapes from your private balcony). 

In any case, feel free to indulge in the unique allure and beauty of this magnetic Greek island and let yourself dive into the unforgettable experiences available in October, and any other time of the year, in Santorini!

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  1. Andreea
    November 15, 2021 at 3:23 am

    I visited Santorini at the beginning of fall (September) and it was almost as busy as in summer. Visiting later might be the best option for a quieter stay.
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