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Plum Guide Review: Expertly Curated Luxury Vacation Homes

Plum Guide Review: Expertly Curated Luxury Vacation Homes


There are so many options for luxury accommodation around the world, and so I always try and find places that offer the best value. Spacious surroundings, beautiful decor, central locations, modern amenities, and homey touches are just a few reasons why I absolutely love using Plum Guide. On my recent trip to Seville, I knew that I did not want a standard hotel room, especially when I was staying several days and needed proper space to unwind, work, and enjoy city life all at the same time.

Plum Guide prioritizes quality over quantity and they work so hard to curate a collection of vacation homes around the world. They don’t leave it up to an algorithm to show you a list of places to book in the destination of your choice. Real people are actually involved in Plum Guide’s rigorous vetting process and you can be sure that every place listed on their website has been personally inspected. One of my favorite lines I read on their website says, “When you trust an algorithm to find your vacation home, consider how much fun an algorithm would be on vacation.” I truly think it’s worth reading more about how the Plum Test works and their meticulous home tests. Personally, it made me think twice about ever booking with other vacation rental websites. From the design aesthetic to the wifi speed and even the decibel levels in the bedrooms, they think of it all.

Therefore, I had no worries about booking their ‘Iberian Enchantment‘ apartment in the center of Seville. I was immediately drawn to the design, amount of space, modern kitchen, and convenient location. And when I say convenient, I truly mean it. For example, the cover photo of this article actually includes a view of our Plum Guide apartment. It’s one of the more modern, white buildings to the right of the photo that was shot while at the top of Seville’s stunning cathedral. I loved being steps away from this historic monument that dates back to 1400s (built on the site of a mosque from the 1100s) with notable figures buried inside like Christopher Columbus.

Around the corner from the cathedral, and our apartment, is the Royal Alcazar (palace) of Seville. And if you were to walk about 10-15 more minutes, you’d stumble upon the famous Plaza de España where you can enjoy grand surroundings, fantastic people watching, impressive architecture, and more. While staying at my Plum Guide apartment in Seville, I could walk to absolutely everything I wanted to see and do. Another favorite part of staying here was enjoying views of the city, primarily the cathedral, from the building’s rooftop which all guests have access to. Having the 4th largest cathedral in the world as a neighbor was very impressive and memorable!

As far as the interiors, our Plum Guide apartment in Seville was very spacious with plenty of room for 6 guests spread across 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Like several European homes, the beds were two plush twin beds pushed together to make one big bed which means this is an ideal option for anyone traveling together, especially a group of friends. Speaking of the bedrooms, each one had a generous amount of closet space and storage so do not hesitate to fully unpack and make yourself (and your belongings!) right at home. You also have the comforts of home in the form of a modern kitchen with a giant fridge, oven, microwave, washer/dryer and more.

My absolute favorite place to relax inside was in the expansive living room – particularly the huge, cozy couch which faced towards the floor-to-ceiling windows offering wonderful natural light throughout the room. All the furnishings, especially the couch, made me feel like I was in a home-away-from-home while also maintaining a level of luxury. I also enjoyed working from the dining room table and still being able to look outside towards one of the many beautiful streets in Seville.

We had someone personally let us in the home and show us around, they also answered all of our questions and even sent us a text after with a fabulous list of sights and restaurants they recommend to visit. I loved being welcomed to Seville in this way, and it’s definitely a huge reason to choose Plum Guide. I also felt great knowing that I had a direct phone number to someone who was close by in the city incase any issues arose.

Thankfully, Plum Guide currently operates in over 20 countries around the world with some of their top destinations being Paris, London, and throughout the United States. I would recommend Plum Guide to absolutely any traveler – but especially those traveling with larger groups, or if you’re planning on staying more than a couple days in one destination. I cannot wait to share my future Plum Guide stays with you, and I hope you fall in love with them as much as I did!

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