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How-To Maintain Your Luxury Yacht to Make it Look Like New

How-To Maintain Your Luxury Yacht to Make it Look Like New


You’ve spent a lot of hard-earned cash purchasing your luxury yacht, making it one of your most prized possessions. It might be a magnificent sight when it pulls into an exotic port, but it also needs tender loving care to keep it seaworthy and constantly look brand new or, if you will, ship-shape. This not only means paying attention to detail like investing in new dock bumpers and keeping up with degrading marine carpet. In fact, top-of-the-line marine carpeting is engineered and manufactured for rugged and harsh marine environments, meaning it won’t fade or degrade as rapidly as cheaper carpets. Made with UV stabilizers and solution-dyed fabrics, a dependable “snap-on” boat carpeting will stand up to moisture, salt, and the hot sun’s relentless rays.      

What other steps can you take to ensure your luxury yacht is well maintained and ready to cruise the world under any weather condition? 

According to a recent article, between its smooth handling and gleaming surfaces, a yacht can cut through the sea with seemingly little effort, making it the perfect vessel for living the luxury life during hot, sun-washed summers boating off the Amalfi Coast or the French Riviera. However, the experts say that keeping your yacht afloat requires quite a bit of upkeep and effort to keep it in “flawless condition.” While these luxury boats are said to be “built to last,” they aren’t about to look after themselves. With this in mind, here are a few yacht maintenance tips that will keep your vessel afloat and looking spiffy for decades.   

Make an Investment in the Best Boat Bumpers

According to marine experts, boat bumpers are paramount in protecting your luxury vessel when it arrives at a dock. It’s easy to be plagued by dents and scuffs if you come in too fast or are experiencing rough seas. The damages, no matter how seemingly small, can be expensive to repair. When you consider corrosion on top of the damages, you can see why quality bumpers are necessary. The best material for a bumper in 2022 is said to be PVC or polyvinyl chloride. This durable material is said to resist “environmental stressors,” which include sea salt, UV rays, and even ice. Rubber bumpers are also said to be effective in protecting fiberglass boats. 

Clean the Exterior Regularly

While adding a fresh coat of polish to your luxury yacht can make it look like new, you cannot discount the importance of regular exterior cleanings. Seaspray exposure can leave boats with an unpleasant smell over time, and this will make guests uncomfortable if you plan on having them spending the weekend on board for some great seafood and even champagne. Have your crew (and yourself) give the boat a wipe down once weekly with a quality cloth and a cleanser. You should thoroughly buff and finish the yacht with wax to protect the entire hull from the elements and keep everything clean. Also, keep in mind that when your yacht if moored it can become a target for insets and bird droppings. Therefore, you should invest in a custom-fitting canvas cover that will protect your hull and deck, and this will keep your boat looking ship shape under all circumstances. 

Salt Water Should be Purged Periodically

According to the experts, luxury yacht engines take on salt water when being used. This will take a hard toll on an engine’s mechanics over time. You need to remove it periodically to prevent any damage that occurs and to prevent salt build-up and engine corrosion. A freshwater flush system is a necessity for a luxury yacht. It is said to allow you to easily flush salt water from the system with almost no stress or strain on your part.   

Dry Boxes are Important


Engineered to keep your gear dry while offering “bump protection at the same time,” dry boxes help keep your luxury yacht in excellent condition. It acts as an interior desiccant plus a hygrometer should you not happen to have one available. Dry boxes allow you to control humidity levels, maintaining them somewhere around 40 to 50 percent. However, you must remember to keep them clean while allowing ample time to dry with their lids kept open before you reuse them. 

Always Check the Seals

Your boat’s seals are said to be one of the first areas to become worn out due to the sea salt. If they’re not kept in check, they will leak. These seals are normally found around hatches, doors, and windows. Keep in mind they are also vulnerable to the sun’s rays. Look for tears and cracks in the seals prior to them becoming an expensive issue.  

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