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How To Choose Which Greek Island To Visit

How To Choose Which Greek Island To Visit


The Greek islands have long been a coveted destination for many, and for good reason too. The biggest problem is often choosing which islands to choose for your getaway. Different islands are better than others depending on what you are looking for, so it’s best to familiarize yourself with as many islands as you can to make an informed decision and make the most of your time in this beautiful country! Read on for help choosing which Greek island to visit…


Corfu is the undisputed star of the Ionian islands, famed for its lush landscapes and unique character. The cosmopolitan capital contains elements of French, British and Venetian influences. Start the evening off on the Liston, a colonnade modeled on Paris’ Rue de Rivoli, followed by dinner in the old town.

With the pastel villages, rolling groves of olive trees, and grand manor houses, the island is reminiscent of Tuscany, with the benefit of some of the best beaches in Europe. Consider Villas in Corfu for your stay for the ultimate in luxury and seclusion. 


Ithaca is a haven for lovers of mythology, being the home of Homer’s hero Odysseus. Despite this claim to fame, Ithaca remains relatively under the radar, which makes it perfect for those who don’t fancy battling the crowds on the busier islands.  

Ithaca’s emerald coves are popular with people on yacht holidays, with few people venturing into the inner hills of the island, so you could find yourself as the only visitor to Odysseus’s 8th-century BC palace. Few visitors venture to the church of Anogi, which is covered in Byzantine frescoes, due to the trek required to reach it. Ithaca is perfect for those who want to travel under the radar, but still want to see some of the most popular vistas in the world. 


Folegandros is suited for those wanting an authentic experience with a bohemian buzz. Start any visit to a Greek island by heading to the center of life on the island: the village square. This  allows you to take in the local way of life and adjust to the relaxed pace. Hora, the cliff-hanging capital of Folegandros has not one, but three village squares for you to choose from, each brimming with cafes and bars.

From Hora, follow the zigzagging stairs up to Panagia church, the only real site on the island to speak of. For the best views, visit at sunrise for an authentic pilgrimage experience. Folegandros, which means “ironclad,” is as tough and rugged as the name implies. Fruit trees are protected from the fierce howling winds by stone rings here. The beaches aren’t the typical sandy beaches you’ll find on other islands, but are rather pretty pebbly coves, such as Katergo, Ambeli and Livadaki.


Choosing which Greek island or islands you spend your time on is worth some consideration, as connections between them can be tricky and time-consuming to plan for on-site – which can eat into your valuable downtime. Different islands have different benefits that are suited to different types of travelers. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find an island that suits your tastes and requirements. 

Corfu is famed for its character and as a cosmopolitan capital of the Greek isles. Ithaca is suited to mythology lovers and those after some real time away. Folegandros is as rugged and authentic as the Greek islands get. While there are other islands popular for bar-hopping and exciting nightlife, these three choices offer something unique for your next dream vacation to Greece.

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