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How To Budget Responsibly If You’re In-Charge Of The Chocolate Desserts

How To Budget Responsibly If You’re In-Charge Of The Chocolate Desserts


Chocolate is one of the most popular flavors, and that is why chocolate desserts are a default for parties and formal gatherings. However, it is easy to overspend in this area.

Here are a few tips on how to budget responsibly if you’re in charge of the chocolate desserts!

Have More than Enough

If you are planning on providing snacks at an event, the main goal should be having enough for everyone. Focus on having enough chocolate cookies, cake and other desserts for everyone instead of trying to have a wide variety. Plan on having at least one slice of cake, a single cupcake, two cookies or several small mini desserts per person. However, these numbers are if you are only presenting those specific desserts to people. When you have more than one dessert available, provide one to one and a half desserts per person in aggregate.

Limit the Selection

When there is a limited selection, the line will move faster because guests aren’t debating what to get but simply choose what they like. A wide selection may also leave people short, since the unpopular items may be ignored while others feel left out because there wasn’t enough cake or chocolate cookies. Instead, have a slightly larger amount of the main dessert options so that there is more than enough for everyone while using layers and height to make it seem like there is more selection than you actually have. This reduces waste and yields a lower per-serving cost. If you have extra cookies left over, don’t worry, someone will take them home.

Plan for the Environment

A common mistake when preparing dessert bars is failing to take the environment into account. If you’re going to serve chocolate ice cream outdoors, you either need to plan the logistics so that it is kept cold until it is served or worry about it melting. What many forget is that many icings are nearly as sensitive to heat. Fancy chocolate icing on a cake may melt. Chocolate dipped fruit is likewise sensitive, while fondue is messed up by going cold.

The best solution is to serve a dessert bar that is impervious to the temperature, such as chocolate cake that won’t warp in the sun. Another approach is serving chocolate desserts that aren’t as sensitive to temperature swings. Chocolate brownies and cookies may have their Santa Barbara Chocolate chips melt a little in a warm meeting hall, but they won’t become inedible. Serving the food in a cool reception area is a safe bet, though you may still need to keep the food chilled or protected until right before it is served. Don’t let cream puffs get warm, or else you risk your guests getting ill from food poisoning.

Rely on Little Touches to Make the Desserts Pop

You don’t have to turn every cupcake into a small version of the wedding cake. You don’t have to pour a massive amount of effort into decorating dessert trays. For example, you can monogram a few cookies with the initials of the couple, a small touch of class that people will remember. But by not decorating all of the cookies, you minimize the mess. Another approach is applying the same decorative pattern to all frosted cookies, allowing the pastry chef to mass produce desserts and lowering the cost of the entire order. Provide cupcakes in two or three contrasting but complementary colors instead of trying to create 100 unique creations. If you want to up the ante, then put little floral decorations in between the cupcakes instead of trying to put icing roses on the cupcakes themselves.

It is possible to present an attractive, delicious dessert bar without paying the full price. All you have to do is make the right choices at the onset.

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