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Garde Robe Introduces Luggage Free Valet Service In South Florida

Garde Robe Introduces Luggage Free Valet Service In South Florida


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Upscale Wardrobe Storage Company Facilitates Hassle-Free Travel for Business Travelers, Globetrotters and Multiple Home Owners

Garde Robe Online, LLC., the luxury wardrobe storage and valet company founded in New York in 2001, is now available locally to fashionable frequent visitors and residents of South Florida. The first service of its kind, Garde Robe’s Luggage-Free Valet is an elegant and convenient wardrobe management service that allows business travelers, jetsetters and multiple homeowners to access the items placed in Garde Robe’s care from any location worldwide and travel without having to pack a suitcase.

“Imagine traveling without packing or unpacking, lugging heavy suitcases or waiting in overcrowded baggage claim and Customs areas,” says Adam Gilvar, president of Garde Robe. “Imagine arriving at your destination with the clothes, shoes and travel accessories you selected already in the closet, ready to wear. That’s Garde Robe’s Luggage-Free Valet,” Gilvar adds.



How Luggage-Free Valet Works

To initiate the service, Garde Robe sends a wardrobe consultant, free of charge, to its members’ home, yacht or hotel room to provide guidance on which items should be placed in Garde Robe’s care. Garde Robe carefully inspects each incoming item and arranges professional garment care services, if necessary.




Prior to preparing items for storage in the company’s climate-controlled loft, all garments, footwear and accessories are professionally photographed and cataloged, and a Garde Robe Cyber Closet is created. Each item in the Cyber Closet is accompanied by a photo and detailed description including the designer, size, color, fabric, and customized categories based on the member’s specific needs. Much like shopping your own closet, Garde Robe members simply log in to their secure Cyber Closet, accessible via iPad app or on, to select individual items or their entire wardrobe for delivery. Prior to arrival, Garde Robe delivers the member’s desired garments to their residence or hotel in ready-to-wear condition. Upon departure, items are retrieved by a Garde Robe representative or shipped back to the Garde Robe loft for inspection and any necessary cleaning. Garde Robe packs and ships worldwide, so members can access their belongings anytime, anywhere.

Rates for Luggage-Free Valet start at $350 per month including storage space, complimentary wardrobe pick-up and delivery service, and creation of the Cyber Closet. Garde Robe arranges professional valet and courier services on the member’s behalf at-cost.


Travel Wardrobe Storage & Delivery Process
  1.  White-glove garment pick up from your home or hotel room; alternatively you can ship the garments to Garde Robe
  2.  All items brought to Garde Robe’s loft for detailed garment inspection, cataloging and professional photography
  3.  Garde Robe emails catalog and condition report; garment care services arranged as needed
  4. View, search and select items for ready-to-wear delivery from your private Cyber Closet available online and via iPad app
  5. Garments delivered ready to wear to your hotel or residence and picked up upon departure
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Why Garde Robe?

Luggage-Free Valet was designed to save business travelers valuable time by eliminating travel chores such as packing and unpacking what is inevitably wrinkled clothing upon arrival, waiting in overcrowded baggage claim and Customs lines, and taking worn items to the cleaner. Additionally, Garde Robe is ideal for pied á terre owners as well as those with second or third homes around the world. For example, a Garde Robe member could keep their cold weather wardrobe, ski gear and equipment with Garde Robe and arrange delivery to a destination club in Aspen this month and a chalet in Switzerland next month.

With no baggage to check, Garde Robe also eradicates all-to-common air travel inconveniences including TSA restrictions, baggage screeners and Customs agents rifling through your belongings, baggage that gets lost or damaged in transit, and theft.

“Any courier can ship your luggage; a Garde Robe membership is akin to employing a tech-savvy valet or butler to facilitate your travel experience,” Gilvar adds. “As Garde Robe members bypass the baggage claim, their desired belongings are being delivered to a residence or hotel room ready-to-wear. Why schlep, pay baggage fees and spend the last day of your trip packing when Garde Robe will do it all for you?”

Garde Robe’s storage lofts feature state-of-the-art climate control and security, and all stored items are insured.

About Garde Robe Online, LLC.

Founded in New York in 2001 with locations in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Las Vegas, Australia and South Florida, Garde Robe Online is the world’s first luxury wardrobe storage, valet and Cyber Closet service. Designed for fashion devotees with impeccable wardrobes and/or inadequate closet space, business travelers, globetrotters, multiple home owners, and fashion designers, Garde Robe provides a host of elegant and convenient wardrobe services including climate-controlled luxury storage for clothing, shoes and accessories, professional photography and online Cyber Closets, complimentary pick up and delivery, luggage-packing and shipping services, closet organizing, and many thoughtful garment care and valet services. Imagine having endless closet space…

For additional information on Garde Robe or to become a member, call (888) GARDE-11, email, or visit

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