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What was your Best Travel Purchase?

What was your Best Travel Purchase?


Would you say that most women when they travel take a selection of jewelry with them on trips?  I used too.   I always took a few pairs of earrings with me on trips in case I needed to change into evening wear.   But since my trip to St. Maarten, I can travel with less jewelry!

On our trip to the Caribbean island of St. Maarten, I visited a jewelry store called Effy.   As I browsed around the store, I came across this collection called Diversa.  The earrings looked like studs but they transformed into long dangling chandelier earrings.   These were perfect.   You could wear them during the day and they looked like studs. In the evening if you had to dress up, you unwind them and you have chandelier earrings.

Effy Earrings

The necklace with a pendant was the same.  It also unwound to look like an elegant necklace for evening wear.


Effy Pendant


I discovered what seemed like transformer jewelry.

Every time I wore my jewelry my husband would joke around with my friends and say:

“Have you ever heard of transformer jewelry? Well my wife has it. Watch this!” And he’d have me show them how it transforms.

My jewelry became the center of our conversation.   All my friends wanted to know where they could purchase it. And their husbands  wanted to know as well.   Makes a great gift!!  hint..hint..    The only problem at the time was you were only able to purchase the jewelry in the Caribbean or online.    We returned on another trip to the island of St. Lucia and I couldn’t help myself.   I ended up purchasing another set.

Since then some of the bigger retailer stores like Macy’s, Lord and Taylor, and Bloomingdales are now selling the jewelry.

This was by far my best travel purchase.   I no longer have to take a jewelry travel organizer with me on trips.   I just wear my Effy jewelry.

Here is an article about 7 discount clothing websites.

What was your best travel purchase? Please share your stories?

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