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5 Travel Trends Brides Need To Know For 2022

5 Travel Trends Brides Need To Know For 2022


The world is opening up and planes are in the air, and brides are loving it. There are places that they want to see and they aren’t going to put it off a second longer, but the world has changed a bit. Once a destination is chosen, the questions start to pop up. How will I spend my time? Are there special rules or precautions I should know about? How am I going to make the most of each day?

We’ve been keeping track of travel trends and we have a few tips for you…

#1 Plan Ahead, For Better or Worse

Planning ahead for your destination honeymoon used to mean scheduling some activities, booking your accommodations, and having an emergency plan. In 2022, we need to do a little more. It’s important to get familiar with the policies of the country you are visiting. Check to see if they have any internal travel restrictions, mask or vaccine requirements, or social engagement rules. Make sure to give yourself enough time to make the needed arrangements or make alternative plans if needed.

There’s a little bit of fun involved in 2022’s travel plan trends. Bridal boxes have become massively popular. Bridal box subscriptions typically include gifts that help plan and celebrate your upcoming wedding. Some wedding subscription box retailers (like the miss to mrs bridal box) go beyond “I Do” to accommodate the honeymoon, providing the tools to make the most of your trip. The point of this suggestion is to get the formalities over with and off your mind as quickly as possible, allowing you to focus on fun.

#2 Log Off, No Work

Many Americans were detoured away from the office and into their home offices throughout the pandemic. Although we suspected that it would lead to no work getting done, it in fact had the adverse effect. The vast majority of workers report an increase in working hours. Instead of achieving a work/life balance, we have blended the two together. One of our more important honeymoon planning tips is to cut yourself off from work. This is your time. Make the appropriate arrangements to ensure that your workload will be managed by someone else you are away, and ensure that you don’t have to worry about it for a second.

#3 Indulge in Self-Care

Speaking of working from home, how well have you been taking care of yourself? Do you get enough exercise? Do you practice self care? Do you eat well? Getting away from it all is an excellent opportunity to also get away from the bad habits we’ve all been forming. Current trendy travel includes a great deal of spa days, visits to ancient places of worship, and the most elaborate food experiences you can imagine.

#4 Experience & Live Life to the Fullest

One of the cooler travel trends today is the pursuit of authentic experiences. Yesterday’s bride was perfectly comfortable lounging on the beach. Today’s bride wants something more. They want to see it all. They want to learn. This goes hand in hand with the last tip. We’ve discovered that the urge to travel runs deeper than we may have realized. We’ve all experienced a type of mental claustrophobia lately, and breathing the air in another country is a much needed relief to the soul. There are many different types of travelers. Whichever category you fall under, be it seeking thrills or historical culture, soak it all in.

#5 Contribute – Community Matters

Another outcome of the pandemic is a deeper awareness of our neighbors. We’ve shared. We’ve performed wellness checks. We’ve grown to care more. This sentiment has extended to the people where we visit.

Destination and activity decisions now involve researching the wellbeing of the inhabitants. Travel trends are driving us to go out of our way to ensure that our experience is not a burden to their health and financial circumstance. This has propagated to technology, with voice recognition translation apps becoming more and more popular by the day.

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